What is Having Good Ending?

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih al-Uthaymeen said:

*The goal of having a good ending is not that you die whilst you are in the masjid, or while you are upon a prayer mat, or you die with a Qur’aan in your hands.*

*Indeed the best of all creation died while he was on his bed.*

*His friend as-Siddiq Abu Bakr died while on his bed, and he was the best of the Companions.*

*Khalid bin Waleed died while he was on his bed, and he was given the title the unsheathed sword of Allaah, who plunged into a hundred battles and did not lose in any of them.*

However, a good ending is

that you die and are *far away from Shirk*

that you die and are *far away from Nifaq (hypocrisy)*

that you die and you are *separate from the people of Bid’ah and far away from Bid’ah*

that you die and you are *upon the Book, the Sunnah* and believe in that which is brought in them *without twisting their meanings*

that you die and you are *relieved of the burden of spilling the blood of the Muslims, their wealth and their honour*. That you fulfill the right of Allaah upon you and the right of Allaah’s worshippers upon you

that you die and *your heart is secure with pure intentions* and good manners; and *does not have hatred, envy, nor spite for a Muslim*

That *you pray your five prayers on their times in Jama’ah* (Congregation) for the one who has to pray in congregation. Also to fulfill what Allaah has obligated upon you

*O Allaah make all our final matters good. Save us from disgrace in the Dunya and the punishment of the Hereafter.*

*O Allaah make our final end good and return us to you in a beautiful way not disgraced and exposed.’*

[Fatawa noor ala darb]

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