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The fear of anyone while in Primary School in the 70s, 80s and 90s was repeating classes due to poor performance. Once you see the stamp… promoted on trial, you have a sigh of relief.

I am so shocked that the mothers and Fathers who had these experiences will mandate private schools to doctored their Children’s results. Some fight schools and change their children schools if informed about the actual performance of their children.

The schools without conscience that I labelled ‘Business Centers’ doctored results to impress Parents. Some mothers approach some unprofessional teachers to award their children with first position to impress their husbands and get more money in the name of fees.

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A secondary school will admit every singular child that wrote their exams all in the name of ‘we are looking for customer’. How can you admit a child who scored 20% into JSS one? After the admission, they compel teachers to perform magic and start doctoring results to suit these parents. If you dare give exact performance of children in some private schools, you will be sacked.

Once these set of Children attend a disciplined secondary School where these ills are not condoned, they will be performing woefully and the new school will be tagged….’they don’t know what they are doing’.

Mothers especially, stop mounting pressures on the school to doctor your child’s results. Accept his or her results raw. Help him or her to do his/her best, she will improve with time. The more you doctor these evaluation outcome, he/she will relax more. How long do you hope to doctor these results?

To the directors who are into this kind of unhealthy practices all in the name of retaining clients, we are destroying our Children. Let’s tell them their real performance. Repeat if possible. You will see a pupil in Year six that can not read a comprehension passage and one wonders how he or she got promoted to this class. Let’s save the Education sector. Evaluate the children without bias. Be real. Good Parents who know what they want will patronize you.

Fathers, be interested in the performance of your children. Not for your wife alone. The results you are holding, do the actions and performance of your child merit them? Ask questions. MOST PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE BUSINESS CENTRES. Be real to your child. He or she will do better than they’re doing at the moment.

Haruna G Kaninko

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