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Transform Your Home Into a Cash Machine

How A Mosque Should Be Managed

Transform Your Home Into a Cash Machine

I am of the opinion that in every local Mosque.. A Lawyer should occasionally rise up after fajr & enlighten congregation on constitutional rights, basic legal issues, loopholes, lawsuits tips

Doctor should teach CPR, Chronic diseases,prognosis, First aid care, debunk myths

A Police man should enlighten the congregation on basics, helpful tips, staying vigilante, perhaps there’s a new crime on the rise, how the community can identify such..

The Business Man should create time to ‘give updates’, groom some youths, not give them money, mentorship!

There’s hardly a Professional who can’t directly give back to the community!

Even the Gym guy can create a monthly exercise program for the youths and older men.

This is how a community grows, not leaving everything down to Malams an Islamiyya to change.. it’s not even realistic
While scrolling…what’s your expertise? How can you directly plough something back to the community before the year ends?

Even if it’s maths you’re good at, they’re kids you can always teach, just do something.. aren’t you tired of complaining?

This is the system Medina was built upon by the best Administrator, Muhammad(Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)The last messenger of Allah.

For us Islam intertwined with every aspect of our lives. We’re the best Nation because we promote goodness and forbid evil.

May Allah enable us do the needful towards making the Ummah productive.

©️ Shaykh Albani Zaria (رحمه الله).

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Transform Your Home Into a Cash Machine

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