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Allah is Not An Option or Alternative But a Necessity

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Asalam alaykum wa jum’at mubaraq…

Imagine a man having only 9hours to go and come back on a journey. The time from his location to his destination is 2hours, so to go and come back, he needs 4hours. He set out on his journey and got to his destination on time.

Getting there, he realised he has forgotten something very important at home. Without addressing his purpose of visit, he spent 2hours trying to find an alternative to what he left at home so that he won’t waste his limited time. When all efforts proved abortive, he decided to go back home and get the forgotten item.

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He spent another 2hours to get back home. He reached home and got what he needed for his journey and set out again. This man is left with just one hour to go and come back on a journey of 4hours.

Imagine the extent of his loss….

Many people spend 75% of their entire life struggling, believing that their power, wisdom, hardwork or dedication can get them to recover what they miss ab initio.

Yes!!! destiny and determination can make anyone successful, but definately both needs ACTION and that is why prayers without action is a day dream just as action without prayers is a nightmare.

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Over the years, I have come to realize that, anybody can dance and anybody can sing but only Allah (SWT) determines who and what song becomes the favorite of the people. Simply put, without God, every hustle can remain an everlasting struggle.

Put God first in all your thoughts and actions and If God is all you have, you actually have everything that you need.

If Allah is missing in our puzzles, the main magnet is missed ab initio and miserables becomes effective. The reason why many people are miserable in life is because they make God an option in their life or only tends to Him as alternative.

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Allah is not an option or alternative. HE is and must be made a priority in our lives.

Never start anything without Allah and If you must start anything without HIM, then don’t start it at all. This is because, there’s a limit to how long your efforts can take you in life. Only the Grace of God which has no boundaries can give you peace of mind.

It takes more than hard work, dedication and education to become a true success in life.

He who knows the source and tap from it is a million times more powerful than he who knows the store and when God is your source, you will never run out of stock.

You Can Do It

Therefore, i call on you this blissful jum’at day not to make God an OPTION or alternative in your precious and irreplaceable life.

May the strong wind of divine grace pilot your ship for the day and lead you gracefully to success in all aspects of your endeavours.

As you step out today, God will open doors of opportunities for you and His presence will stand boldly for you against all odds.

In shaa Allah you will not be an outcast in the midst of successful people

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