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If Allah is All-Knowing, Why Does He Test People?

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*How Can Life be a Test if Allah is All-Knowing?*

This is merely a misunderstanding of the phrase “test.” We carry out scientific exams, for instance, in an effort to search out out extra about them in a logical and systematic manner whose level is accuracy. We check issues to find out if they’re real, for instance, as in testing one thing that appears like a diamond to see if it is the truth is diamond or merely glass or stone. But this testing from a standpoint of not-knowing with a purpose to discover out, is not the only real purpose for or kind of testing.

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*Why Should Omniscient God Test People?*

Almighty God has created human beings with the flexibility to make choices and selections. This implied that folks had been going to make good and unhealthy selections and choices.

It wouldn’t be honest, if individuals who made good selections and those that made unhealthy selections ended up with the identical outcomes or similar sort of everlasting life. Those who make good selections needs to be rewarded and people making unhealthy selections needs to be punished.

Allah’s data being absolute and infinite, He knew which of the folks could be making good selections and which individuals the unhealthy selections. He might have put them completely within the Gardens or imprisoned in Hell on the idea of His data; however that may not look honest to folks, with out letting them show themselves and see that justice has been totally carried out.

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Although God is aware of what’s in our hearts and what every of us may do, he exams us and needs us to witness our personal check outcomes with a purpose to admit that now we have been pretty rewarded in line with our achievements as recorded within the check outcomes.

Before the rich father distributes his wealth, he might wish to report which son is obedient, the data usually are not for the daddy who is aware of, however as a sworn statement for individuals who may query the justice of their father.

Although the clever instructor is aware of the hard-working pupil and the lazy pupil, he prepares common exams as testimonies in order that the scholars wouldn’t say that the instructor had favored some college students over the others. Exams additionally urge college students to get ready with a purpose to succeed.

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Students mustn’t marvel concerning the intention of the instructor; they’re alleged to give attention to what the instructor requested them to do.

If God needs to arrange the testing setting to check folks, then we’re not alleged to advise God on the way to arrange the phrases and circumstances of the testing. The college students usually are not alleged to advise the instructor on the way to put together the exams. God has created us, and he is aware of the way to check us.

So, He despatched us on this world to show to ourselves the place we belong. From puberty to the final breath we’re within the examination room constantly writing our exams. All choices and selections we’re making each second of our lives are what we will probably be marked upon. Keep in thoughts that we’re not marked for the given circumstances that we discover ourselves in, however solely on the alternatives and choices that we make within the given circumstances.

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In abstract, our check is for us to offer our personal proof as to the place we belong, not for the All-knowing Creator, Allah.

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