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Three Types of Patience (Sabr)

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As-salaam alaykum wa rahmatuLlah wa barakaatuh, marvelous sisters!

Have you heard that there are 3 types of patience?

1. Patience in times of difficulties.

Difficulties and painful experiences are opportunities for the believer to draw closer to his Lord. He is expected to exhibit calmness and a total trust in Allah’s Wisdom even when his experience makes no sense to him.

The prophet sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: “Patience is when calamity first strikes”.

When you experience trials in your life but remain steadfast, trusting Allah and waiting for Him to lift the trials away without giving up hope, then you have successfully practiced this type of patience.

2. Patience in refraining from sin.

Abstaining from prohibited acts requires a great struggle against one’s desires. The shaytan desperately strives to influence you from different directions, and this can be difficult, especially in our present world.

The best time to practice this type of patience is when you are in a condition in which no one is watching you except Allah, and nothing can stop you from the sin before you except the remembrance and fear of Allah, and this fear stops you from wronging your soul.

When you discipline your soul to stay away from the prohibitions of Allah, even when you are overwhelmed with temptation, then you have practiced this type of patience.

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3. Patience in doing good deeds

It’s easy to get distracted and busy, giving up one good deed after another. To practice this type of patience, you need to be consistent with any act of ibaadah you choose to do.

We have learnt that Allah loves consistency in good deeds, no matter how little. So, the one who seeks to practice this type of patience must strive to purify his intentions, then strive for consistency.

My darling sisters, read through these three types of patience carefully again and think: “can we choose to do only one?”

The answer is NO! Because these three forms of patience work together to mold the believer into what he should be.

So think again, my beloved: how can you employ all three with consciousness?

May Allah count us from His faithful and patient slaves. Aameen.🌹💐🪷

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