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Was the Glorious Qur’an Preserve as It was Revealed from God?

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*❓Did the Glorious Qur’an Preserve as It was Revealed from God?*
✅Did the Glorious Qur’an Preserve as It was Revealed from God? Is it True that the Original Version of Quran was Burnt via Caliph Usman & the Present Quran was Compiled via Him?

The Qur’an is the ultimate sacred scripture introduced thru the Last Prophet of Islam. It incorporates not anything however the phrases of God. It is the scripture that may information all mankind to the ultimate day. For the identical reason why, the very God who introduced it, promised mankind that the Qur’an shall be secure and preserved to the ultimate with none alteration or interpolation. The Qur’an is the handiest spiritual textual content this is loose from any human tampering. It is at the identical time a textual content that may information males of all instances thru the proper trail and may be an irrefutable proof for the prophethood of Muhammed (ﷺ).

The Holy Qur’an incorporates God’s message to mankind, as printed to the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) thru the angel Gabriel (Jibril) greater than 1400 years in the past. The revelations endured over a duration of about 23 years.

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Initially, the revelations weren’t compiled right into a unmarried manuscript. As Muhammad(ﷺ) won the revelations, the verses have been each memorized via early Muslims and recorded via scribes. After the ultimate revelation, the Angel Gabriel guided Muhammad in ordering the verses and chapters (Surahs), and the Qur’an was then memorized in that order.

Allah has assured to keep the Quran, and He says: “Verily, We, it is We Who have sent down the Quran and surely, We will guard it (from corruption)” (Qur’an 15:9)

Every letter of it was transmitted via 1000’s from 1000’s down all through historical past, and no longer one letter of it was altered. If somebody attempted to vary anything else in it, or upload one thing or take one thing away, then he can be uncovered instantly, as a result of Allah is the One Who has assured to keep the Quran; in contrast to the case with different divinely-revealed Books which Allah printed to the other folks of a selected Prophet handiest, and to not all of mankind. So, He didn’t ensure to keep them, reasonably He delegated their preservation to the fans of the Prophets. But they didn’t keep them; reasonably they presented alterations and adjustments which distorted maximum of the meanings.


The Quran, on the different hand, was printed via Allah to all of mankind till the finish of time, as a result of the Message of Muhammad(ﷺ) is the ultimate message, so the Quran is preserved in males’s hearts and in written shape, as is confirmed via the occasions of historical past.

Whenever a verse of the Glorious Qur’an was printed, the Prophet Muhammad memorized it and conveyed the message to his partners who would additionally memorize it via middle and a number of other of them have been entrusted with the process of writing it.

It is the company and undisputed trust of all Muslims that the Glorious Qur’an we learn these days is the Word of Allah, in letter and which means. Unlike each different spiritual scripture in the international, the Qur’an is one that has remained unchanged, in its unique language, with out the revision of a unmarried phrase since the time of the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ). This is the realization of the promise made via Allah in the Glorious Qur’an in 15:9.

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And all through the centuries, the manner of preservation has been twofold: memorization and writing. A up to date estimate of the collection of Muslims international who’ve dedicated the Glorious Qur’an to reminiscence is 10 million! (ICNA pamphlet, circa, 2002)

In transient, on every occasion a verse of the Glorious Qur’an was printed, the Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) can be divinely brought about to memorize it. He would then put across the message to his partners, a lot of whom would additionally memorize it via middle immediately and a number of other of whom have been entrusted with the process of committing it to writing. Thus, from the earliest time there was a continuing custom amongst the Muslims of committing the Glorious Qur’an to reminiscence and propagating it thru authenticated written manuscripts.

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