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Was the Qur’an Copied from the Bible?


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*Is it Not True that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has Copied the Qur’an from the Bible?*

Many critics allege that Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) himself was not the writer of the Qur’an however he learnt it and/or plagiarized (copied or tailored) it from different human sources or from earlier scriptures or revelations. Let us analyze a few of the allegations:

*1. Muhammad (ﷺ) Learnt the Qur’an from a Roman Blacksmith Who was a Christian:*

Some Pagans accused the Prophet of studying the Qur’an from a Roman Blacksmith, who was a Christian staying at the outskirts of Makkah. The Prophet fairly often used to move and watch him do his work. A revelation of the Qur’an was adequate to dismiss this cost – the Qur’an says: “We know indeed that they say, ‘It is a man that teaches him,’ The tongue of him they wickedly point to is notably foreign, while this is Arabic, pure and clear.” [Qur’an 16:103]

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How may an individual whose mom tongue was international and will hardly communicate little however of poor damaged Arabic be the supply of the Qur’an, which is pure, eloquent, positive Arabic?

*2. Muhammad (ﷺ) Learnt from Waraqa – The Relative of Khadijah (RA):*

Muhammad’s (ﷺ) contacts with the Jewish and Christian Scholars have been very restricted. The most outstanding Christian recognized to him was an outdated blind man known as Waraqa ibn-Naufal who was a relative of the Prophet’s first spouse Khadijah (RA). Although of Arab descent, he was a convert to Christianity and was very nicely versed with the New Testament.

The Prophet solely met him twice, first when Waraqa was worshipping at the Kaaba (earlier than the Prophetic Mission) and he kissed the Prophet’s brow affectionately; the second event was when the Prophet went to satisfy Waraqa after receiving the first revelation. Waraqa died three years later and the revelation continued for about 23 years. It is ridiculous to imagine that Waraqa was the supply of the contents of the Qur’an.

*3. Prophet’s Religious Discussions with Jews and Christians:*

It is true that the Prophet did have non secular discussions with the Jews and Christians, however they occurred in Madinah greater than 13 years after the revelation of the Qur’an had began. The allegation that these Jews and Christians have been the supply is perverse, since in these discussions Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ) was performing the roles of a trainer and of a preacher whereas inviting them to embrace Islam and mentioning that they’d deviated from their true teachings of Monotheism. Several of those Jews and Christians later embraced Islam.


*Logical Grounds to Prove that Prophet Didn’t Learn the Qur’an from Jews or Christians:*

The day-to-day lifetime of the Prophet was an open ebook for all to see. The extraordinarily outstanding Quraish nobles who adopted the Prophet and accepted Islam have been clever and clever males who would have simply observed something suspicious about the approach during which the Prophet introduced the revelations to them.

The enemies of the Prophet saved an in depth watch on him so as to discover proof for his or her declare that he was a liar – they may not level out even a single occasion when the Prophet might have had a secret rendezvous with Jews and Christians.

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It is inconceivable that any human writer of the Qur’an would have accepted a scenario during which he acquired no credit score in any way for originating the Qur’an.

The principle that Muhammad (ﷺ) authored the Qur’an or copied from different sources will be disproved by the single historic incontrovertible fact that he was illiterate.

Thus, traditionally, and logically it can’t be established that there was a human supply for the Qur’an.

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