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Advices Against the Rampancy of Divorce (Talaaq)

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As for the case of divorce, it seems obvious that the women are those who get more affected mostly. They get affected badly to the extent that they wander about mostly being rejected upon hearing “she is divorced” irrespective of the one at fault in the Marriage that led to the divorce. That’s why we’ll advise our sisters;

–Not to take Istikhaarah with levity before going into any marital journey.

–Not to rush into marriage. Rushing into marriage has nothing with age or whatsoever. A lady can get married in her late 40’s and still be regarded as someone who has rushed into marriage. Rushing into marriage due to the fact of being blinded by love is what this point is touching.

Transform Your Home Into a Cash Machine

–Not to get married to someone they know little or nothing about. It is upon them to make thorough research about the personality from the right source.

–Not to be deceived by fluency in Arabiyyah/English, pious Social media activities, and assumed uprightness by what they hear from the mass concerning whoever they want to get married to. It is upon them also to make deep and thorough researches about the behavior of their suitors…

—Not to make luxurious homes, latest cars, and mouth opening enjoyment the sole criterion in accepting a proposal. The result is not always interesting.

–to be submissive to their husbands even if they have every right not to be.


–To stay far away from keeping too many friends. They should become tight friends widely to the books in their Library.

–To stay away from comparing their husbands and their efforts to their friends’ husbands. This may make a pious husband act in ways that are outrightly different from his normal ways towards such wives. It is upon them to always appreciate their husbands for whatever they provide as long as it is confirmed that they are doing the best of their efforts. Plan a nice future together with them, pray to Allah for them and make your home a place of rest for them.

–Then, they should pray to Allaah for the protection of their marriage.

And Allaah knows best.

©Abū Dharr Ahmad Al-Otuwwiyy

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