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Is Your Child a Strong Man?

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Your 3years outdated son will get offended everytime you give him a meals he would not need and throws it on you, you chuckle and say ” children ehh”

Baby boy will raise his fingers and slap you when he needs you to drop him… All you’d say is “you’re beating mummy “

No different youngster in that space messes with him… And you are calling him “A no- nonsense boy”

He picks up issues from the bottom and hits individuals at any time when he is stopped from doing one thing… You smile and name him “action boy”

You expose him to all method of violence and say “He’s a man, man suppose get mind”

Few years down the road the teenage boy bullies his sisters, instructions them round, shares slaps as souvenirs to anybody that dares to problem him. You name him “man of the house”

He grew up having his method all by way of. Now he is a full grown man within the society. And it is not humorous anymore

Abusive husbands did not fall from the sky, somebody raised a boy wrongly.

It’s simpler to coach a son than to appropriate a husband.

We might handle a lot from the foundation.

Mothers, Father’s,elevating Sane Men begins from CORRECTING THEM AS SONS

Avoiding Marital violence begins right here

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