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DNA : which stands for deoxyribonucleic acid , is define as nucleic acid that contain the genetic code.

If you have SEX with a man, his DNA lives in you forever.

Workman noted that a research by university of Seattle USA has proven that;
There is now a greater understanding of why God asks us not to have SEX before we get married.

This research proves that any man, that a woman has SEX with leaves a part of his DNA in the woman.

The man who has had more SEX with her, leaves more of his DNA in the woman. So when a woman ovulates, the eggs that she produces contain more of other DNAs.

So we need to educate the girl child to remain a virgin till marriage.

Anytime you have SEX with another man you become one with that man (spiritually too) and carry the man’s DNA and according to Workman this is called SEX Web especially when the woman has multiple SEX partners.

At some point when you have too many of the male DNA in you; you change, because your cells are changing.

That also proves why when married couples live together for a long time they end up looking alike. The woman’s DNA changes when she has sex with men. This is very serious.

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The world should know this and stop silly SEX promotions.

It is bad than good.
Unfortunately women are the victims.

This was found out in many other research articles mostly released this year. So it is new and we all have to know.

The fact is,women retain DNA from every man they have slept with.

Cells transferred from a man to a woman during intercourse become integrated into the woman’s body after SEX, every single time they have SEX.

This study found the presence of genetically distinct male cells in the brain of women. This also means these other male cells will be found in a foetus when the woman gets pregnant.

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(This is called microchimerism.)

Every male you absorb sperm from becomes a living part of your life. Sperm is a living substance. Living cells. It enters your bloodstream and collects in your brain and spine.

Stop experimenting with SEX.

When the sperm enters a woman it swims until it hits a wall and then seeps into your flesh.

If it’s in your mouth, (abomination) it can get into your nasal areas, behind your eyes and even your inner ear. It then enters your bloodstream and collects in your brain and spine. You can never get rid of it.

It becomes a part of you forever. These are the true consequences of sexual intercourse.

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Workman Leadership College says this Original research is from University of Seattle and Fred Hutchinson cancer research center.

They accidentally found this when they were researching to find out why pregnant women carrying boys get men neurological diseases.

This is real and not a joke.!!!

Stop having SEX if you are not married.

And stop having SEX with others than your husband, for the married.

The consequences of doing this is devastating,humiliating and horrible

No wonder the world is the way it is,many marriages no longer hold water in peace,truth and love!

Many children from most homes have behavioral tendencies alien to both parents

Now you know the possible cause

Say no to SEX when not married.

Say no to EXTRA-MARITAL affairs✍️😭✋👀👂

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