The Challenges of Early Marriage

(Abu Hassan Akande Edaolaropin)

Islam encourages early marriage and not child marriage

Anyone who wants to go into marriage must be matured mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Islam is a religion which takes good care of man’s needs.

We live in a fake world where people pretend to be righteous but they are party of Shaytan.

A girl of 20- 25yrs is still a child under the western hypocritical civilization.

This is a girl who understands the word”sex” more than his parents.

Early marriage assists in preventing the problem of infertility. Though, Allah can do whatever He likes.

He says in suratu shurahQ42:49-50″
To Allah belongs the kingdom of heavens and the earth.


He creates what He wills.He bestows female (offspring) upon whom He wills, and bestows male(offspring) upon whom He wills or He bestows both males and females,and renders barren whom He wills.

Verily,He is the All-knower And is able to do all things.May Allah answer the prayer of those seeking for the fruits of the womb aamin.

However, early marriage also reduces Zina(fornication) which is rampant in our society.

The case of a 10 yr.old girl who travelled to Dubai for excursion is still fresh in our minds.These boys and girls have been exposed to immoralities through the Android phone their parents bought for them.

Procedures in Islamic Wedding

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) advised the youth on early marriage.

He says:’O ye youth! whosoever have the capability to marry, let him or her do so. This will make him to control his gaze and protect his private part,but whosoever find it difficult should fast, this is a shield from immoralities.

African culture also encourages early marriage, Infact there is a gift for the family of a lady whose husband met her a virgin. Most of our fathers and mothers married early and this really assist them to take care of these children when they are physically fit.

Education should not be a barrier to marriage. If a lady or a young man in higher institution want to get married, the parents can support them.This is far better than boyfriend and girlfriend which lure them into Zina(fornication)

Before You Take the Second Wife...

The materialistic life of some ladies also affect them to get married early.

They are not ready to build a home with an ambitious man who is religious and righteous.They want a readymade man who has built mansion and have a good car. This delay their marriage, before they know time has gone.

My sisters!Rome was not built in a day.The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.

To be sincere,money is very important in our lives but money doesn’t determine happiness especially when it comes to marriage.

A materialistic lady can fall in the hands of a Yahoo boy who is super rich and looking for a young lady to re-new his money ritual.

Advices to A Muslim Lady Before Marriage

A young man in his 40s who has good job but not ready for marriage because he has not gotten up to 30million in his bank account is deceiving himself.

Let us depend on Allah who provides sustenance for His creations. He provides for the fishes in the ocean.

Islam wants us to be creative on halal ways of making money.

Inorder to purify our society of zina and immoralities, let us encourage early marriage and teach our children self-discipline to protect them from Zina.

May Allah accept this as an act of ibaadah and purify our intentions aamin.

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