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What are the Procedures in Islamic Wedding?

*Understand Islam *

*What are the Procedures in Islamic Wedding?*

Almighty Allah has created humanity, female and male, every in want of one other, and has established the establishment of marriage as a way of uniting the souls in a blessed bond of affection resulting in their pleasure and happiness in a method advantageous to humankind.

And He reminds us of His nice favors: “And among His signs is that He created for you of yourselves spouses that you may live in joy with them, and He has set between you love and mercy. Surely in that are signs for those who reflect.” (30:22)

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When the father or the guardian (wali) of the bride gives to present her in marriage to the bridegroom and when he accepts the provide in the presence of witnesses, the marriage is solemnized. The prescription of Islam is that the bridegroom ought to present the bride ‘mahr’ (dower) on the event of the wedding ceremony and that the consent of the bride needs to be sought beforehand.

*The Wali:*

A wali (guardian) of the bride is important to characterize her in concluding the contract. The wali is a male family member who could be her guardian if she have been a minor, for instance her father. However, if he’s not obtainable, a brother, uncle, grandfather and many others. will suffice. If none of those exist then a Muslim ruler or choose, and if they don’t exist then a distinguished chief of the Muslim neighborhood (see Fiqh us sunnah, Syed Sabiq, Sar al-Kitab al Arabi, Beirut, 2nd ed, 1973, vol 2 web page 120).

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Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) instructed: “No marriage contract is valid without a wali.” (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood)

*The Offer and Acceptance:*

Both provide, and acceptance should be express in mentioning the phrase marriage (or another phrase in any language implying an analogous scenario). Both statements needs to be made at the identical sitting, i.e. one get together to the different.

*The Bride’s Agreement:*

The bride should be agreeable to concluding the marriage by her wali. This settlement needs to be particular to marrying a particular man and all different circumstances, if any, should be agreed upon additionally.

*The Witnesses:*

At least two Muslim male witnesses are required or one male and two females – all of them having reached the age of puberty and being of excellent character.

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*The Sadaq (Mahr):*

The Sadaq or Mahr (dower) is a required marriage reward given by the groom to the bride. It represents his dedication to handle all the household bills together with her private wants… “And give women their dower as a free gift” (Quran 4:4). Sadaq could also be cash or in sort, however it needs to be specified in its sort and amount.

*Treat (Walimah):*

To make the marriage publically it is strongly recommended to have a walimah. The Prophet (PBUH) noticed a hint of yellow coloring on Abd al Rahman and requested, “What is this?” He answered, I obtained married. The Prophet (PBUH) mentioned, “May Allah make it a blessing for you. Make a walimah even with only a sheep.” (Bukhari, Muslim)


*Short Speech (Khutbah):*

This isn’t important; the marriage will probably be authorized with out it; nevertheless, it’s Prophet’s custom (Sunnah) to have a Khutbah/speech.

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