I had a two days training with the boarding students of a particular school, and it was sad to note that most of the children wish their parents knew better.

Believe me when I say I heard many of them say to me “I wish God will change my parents or give me another parents.”

“I wish my parents would spent time with me so that I can share my struggles with them.”

“I wish my parents were not judgemental, I would have not been addiction to these negative habits.”

“I wish it was not just my academics my parents are paying attention to, I would have been a better teenager.”

“I hate going back home after school. My parents make me feel they love me based on my performance. Meanwhile, my friends love me unconditionally.”

“I wish my parents will learn about the struggles, challenges and pressures we face today as teens.”

“My parents make me feel like as stranger in their house. They make me feel like ” I have to pay for their love for me.”

These and many more were the feedbacks I got from these students.

A 14year old girl said to me, “My parents are very proud of me. They know that I am the nest student in my class, best in sports and best in board games, but they don’t know that I am also the best in Pornography and handling the penis of my school mates.”

She said, “I give them what they want, and show them what they want to see, but I am struggling with negative addictions and they don’t care to know about that.”

I spoke with the school owner about it and she decided to create a parenting training programme for the parents in her school. She went further to engage me on a training for her staff.

We have also started a “Character & Moral Development Programme (CMDP) for the students.

Dear parents and educators, please listen to what I want to say:

1. Today’s system is very new to you and your children, it will take time for you to unlearn, learn and relearn how to relate with it.

2. Your child have not lived as long as you have lived and their brains are not as developed as yours. While it’s taking you time to understand them, it is taking them more time to understand themselves and their environment.

3. We have come into a new generation called “Generation Z”, and sooner than we think we will be meeting another generation called ” Generation Alpha”. If we don’t learn how to get it right with this generation, we will struggle with the next.

It is a very good thing to pay attention to the educational development of your child. But while this is done, we are having a big problem. We have left character and moral development to chance.

We have to Arise as parents. We can’t be shouting, hoping that our children will become better.

If we don’t create the right systems, we will loose our children to pornography, terrorism, wild life and other social vices.

Remember, Terrorist don’t pray for the people under their care to become terrorists, they create a system and employ or train the right personnel’s to get the job done.

I am Abibo Berepele

I am a Parent and Teens Coach.

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