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Why is Extra-Marital Sexual Relationship Prohibited in Islam?

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*Why is Extra-Marital Sexual Relationship Prohibited in Islam?*

Sex is a divine present. Its foremost operate amongst dwelling creature is replica. It is additionally true that in the case of man, moreover replica, his psychological well being, happiness of household life, peaceable social life: all are linked to sexuality. In availing of a sexual conduct that is not in maintaining with the divine pointers, the psychological well being of the person, solidarity of the household and social construction can be adversely affected.

Moreover, such extra-marital relations will result in the affliction by sexually transmitted illnesses which is able to ultimately finish in the degeneration of society. Indeed, those that have realized of this by means of expertise have been the very individuals who declare for themselves the standing of being the spokespersons of recent civilization.

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Islam teaches that if two people are to have sexual relations with one another they’re to take action solely by means of the contract of marriage. Apart from that each one different relations are certain to create issues and injury. It can even destroy the very material of all values in society. It will solid the seeds of suspicion inside one’s marital life. Such suspicion will then create cracks inside the rapport between hearts. It disrupts household relations – it would even gravely have an effect on the psychological well being of future generations.

The statistics associated to this topic in Kerala, which is at present shifting forward with the acceptance of western values, will frighten any with a way of ethical consciousness. For occasion, at the least 300 folks report on the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in Trivandrum each month to confirm by means of DNA whether or not they themselves are certainly the fathers of the infants borne by their wives. (Mathrubhumi Weekly, 31.01.99)

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What does this reveal? The variety of spouses who mistrust one another is on the rise. What is the rationale for this? The reply is given by Mathrubhumi itself: “30 percent of the men and 18 percent of the women who participated in the survey confessed that they indulge in extra-marital affairs.” This is the state of Keralite society which boasts of nice and lasting ethical traditions.

As for the state of western societies, it is even worse. The biggest social drawback there continues to be the women who develop into pregnant at a really tender age. Another essential concern with which the federal government continues to grapple is the issue of illegitimate kids. However, the state of affairs there is such that these points will not be thought-about as problematic in any respect. Social scientists, nevertheless, warn that such violations of behavioral norms result in the collapse of the establishment of the household and consequently create social issues of a grave nature which is able to, in the long term, finish in the full chaos and destruction of the western world.

Islam has by no means envisioned such a society. Islam has striven for the creation of a society whereby a peaceable household setting and conjugal relationship prevails. To that finish, Islam considers that each one sexual relations exterior of wedlock are to be prohibited. For that motive, the Qur’an recommends strict penal legal guidelines which serve to remove such sexual relations. Conceding the truth that the sexual impulse is, certainly, one of the highly effective of instincts, it is vital, nonetheless, to examine man, in the train of that impulse, with equally compelling measures. Indeed, herein lies the good relevance of the punishments in the Qur’an.

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