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Does Islam Prevent Women from Entering Masjid (Mosque)?

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*Does Islam Prevent Women from Entering Masjid (Mosque)?*

The critics often elevate the allegations in opposition to Islam that Muslims should not prepared to offer girls spiritual freedom; Muslims have conservative mindset and girls are all the time below the management of male gender; they can’t take pleasure in their spiritual rights on their very own needs and there’s no worth of Muslim girls, their concepts, their emotions and consequently their decisions by no means matter in Muslim society; and therefore, Muslim girls should not allowed to supply prayers in mosques, which is violative and a discriminatory apply in addition to it’s a systemic humiliation, social exclusion, an emblem of subjugation and an indication of derogation from the dignity of ladies and an exploitation of their proper to be equal human beings within the eyes of God.

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This is completely fable and stereotype. There is not any as such restriction in Islam. They are equal in Islam and there’s no idea of discrimination on the bottom of gender. The actuality is that the credit score of to make girls an essential a part of society and to offer them equal proper to males goes to Islam. This was a revolutionary step of Islam to declare girls an essential determine of society and to grant them proper of consent in that age, the place girls weren’t being thought-about even equal to items or animals.

*What is Reality?*

Reality is that in Islam, girls are allowed to enter in mosques to supply prayers and there’s no existence of discrimination on the bottom of gender in addition to no violation of proper to equality and of worship. Abdullah bin Umar reported: The Messenger of God stated, “Do not prevent the maid-servants of God from going to the mosque”. Simultaneously, Prophet Mohammad additionally suggested Muslim males to not cease girls to go to mosque as he stated: “don’t prevent your women from going to mosque when they ask for permission”. Prophet (PBUH) didn’t forbid girls from coming into his mosque in Medina.

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Additionally, Women are allowed to move to mosque to supply prayer even with out her relations. As on the time of Prophet Mohammad girls have been providing prayers in mosque. Ayesha (r), a spouse of Prophet Mohammad stated: “women were coming to mosque to offer (even) morning prayer with Prophet, wearing full dressed clothes and when they completed their prayers, returned to their houses.”

These all Hadiths reveals that girls are permitted to enter within the mosque and to carry out prayers over there to indicate their devotion to their God. There is not any violation of proper to equality and proper to worship. They have Islamic proper to go to mosque to carry out prayers.

It was not disliked on the time of Prophet Mohammad until the early days of Khilafat of Umer (r), girls have been performing prayer in mosques and attending Friday sermon. The expression of disapproval or dislike was first proven within the later interval of Umar Khilafat and it was completed as a result of social evils and unhealthy components started to boost their heads within the society. But it is usually the testimony of historical past that Atiqah- spouse of Umar and different girls too have been performing prayer in later interval of Umer and their husbands didn’t forestall them to enter in mosques. As a end result, even in the present day, girls are allowed to supply prayers in mosques.

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Another a part of this provision is that to supply prayers in mosques isn’t obligatory for ladies, they’ll get complete reward as males get in mosque even when they provide prayer of their homes because it was reported by Abdullah Bin Umar. He stated Prophet Mohammad stated: “don’t stop your wives to visit Mosque to offer prayer but their houses are better for them”. So, the ladies group is extra benefited compared to male gender. They can supply prayer in Masjid in addition to in home and can get complete reward even in case once they supply prayer of their homes.

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