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Doesn’t Islam Permit Critical Thinking?

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*Doesn’t Islam Permit Critical Thinking?*

Many imagine that Islam has banned crucial considering and launched a type of stagnation within the discipline. People state, “Most Muslim schools focus on rote memorization of religious texts and discourage independent thinking”.

There are two various things: crucial considering and rational or impartial considering. There are classes the place the thoughts ought to play its position and the place it mustn’t poke its nostril. The clear and obvious meanings of the Glorious Qur’an and the Hadith don’t have any place for criticism. Here, rational considering to search out out the depth is just not solely permissible but additionally inspired in Islam. The precept beliefs, compulsory practices are from this class the place the human thoughts is allowed to discover the explanations and the details of the issues, however it’s not allowed to criticize for the reason that thoughts has its personal limitation as different human schools have.

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For occasion, what the listening to school can do the smelling school can’t, and what the eyes can see the others can’t. As we see a airplane flying within the sky, appears little or no, if we use solely our eyes and never thoughts, it will likely be that the airplane is small like a chicken. But right here, we use our thoughts and say ‘no’ for the reason that airplane is at a sure peak that’s the reason we see it small in any other case it’s big. As on this instance, there comes one level the place the boundary of eye’s motion ends, and the boundary of thoughts’s motion begins. Likewise, there’s one level the place actually the human thoughts fails. This is a typical concept each sane believes in.

But forward of this, Muslims imagine in ‘wahy’, which may be translated as ‘revelation’ which is by Allah almighty to his messengers and prophets via alternative ways. The motion of revelation begins from the place the motion of human thoughts involves an finish. The revelation tells us specifically in regards to the issues which typically a mere human thoughts can’t discover out. The existence of Allah, His attributes, the hell, the paradise, Day of Judgment and so on are recognized solely by revelation.


Since, these issues are out of the attain of human thoughts, so the human beings are requested simply to imagine in. The situation of revelation is predicated on a precept that each motion of human being is poised with error; it’s only Allah and His Messengers who’re free from human errors. The human physique is temporal and mundane, so the components of the physique are additionally mortal. They can’t have the sensation of issues which belongs to a different everlasting and everlasting world.

Besides, Islam permits crucial considering in different issues. The 4 main faculties of thought in Islam (Hanafi, Shaf’ee, Maliki, Hanbli) are the clear proof of the declare. The students, having deep information of the Glorious Qur’an, Hadith and Islamic sciences, mentioned the issues, which weren’t explicitly talked about within the Qur’an and Hadith, they usually many instances contradicted one another and had completely different opinions about similar situation.

All these items show that Islam has by no means discouraged impartial considering and criticizing, it has allowed human thoughts to operate in areas the place it could actually work. Not solely this that Islam has allowed impartial considering, however it’s the Glorious Qur’an which has set the custom of considering within the creation of Allah and requested its followers to mirror on the pure phenomena. Qur’an additionally praises individuals who suppose (Quran 3:190-191)

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Before Islam, practically each faith, which existed then, adopted creatures as God. This idea stopped them to suppose within the actuality of the creatures of the heaven and earth. When Islam got here it concentrated the human perception solely in Allah and regarded the complete universe because the servant of the human beings. Thus, Islam opened the door of impartial considering in Muslims and it led them to a grand period of science.

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