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What are the Islamic Teachings Regarding Food?

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*What are the Islamic Teachings Regarding Food?*

Islam doesn’t settle for the stand which recommends the absolute abstinence from food and drinks, to be able to attain salvation. While allowing the consumption of all good food and drinks, Islam strongly and significantly disapproved excesses on this subject. A real Muslim is one, who utterly abstains from the forbidden food and drinks resembling blood, alcohol, pork, and the meat that’s slaughtered in the title of somebody apart from Allah.

Islam offers particular recommendation to Muslims about all points of life and this consists of meals and consuming habits and manners. Food shouldn’t be required for itself or for the sake of enjoyment however to maintain life in order that one could take pleasure in well being and bodily power required to undertake one’s duties and tasks on this life. In addition to making sure bodily well-being, meals can also be important for the non secular and ethical well being of the believers.

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To get the proper bodily and non secular power, one ought to eat solely lawful (halal) and wholesome or healthful (tayyib) meals (Qur’an 5:88). Halal means lawfully acquired, as in opposition to stolen, meals. In case of meat, it signifies that it was acquired in keeping with the permissible methodology of slaughtering an animal

God says in the Quran, “Eat of the good things which We have provided for you” (Quran 2:172). “Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth” (Quran 2:168).

Prohibited meals is named “Haram,” or illegal/prohibited, which is the one acquired illegally or is prohibited like meat from animals not correctly slaughtered, or pork or meat of carnivorous, i.e., meat-eating animals and birds of prey. Such animals and birds embody pigs, canine, lions, crocodiles, eagles, worms, flies and so on. Consuming blood and carrion are additionally forbidden. Alcohol is forbidden in all varieties and portions.

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Eating illegal meals like pork, meat of meat-eating animals or stolen meals will retard one’s non secular and ethical well being. Meat of a useless or prohibited animal shouldn’t be allowed except the trustworthy had no different option to thrust back dying as a result of starvation. All seafood is permitted.

*Eating Manners:*

Thanking Allah at the starting and finish of partaking meals is a crucial a part of consuming manners in Islam. One ought to start in the title of Allah, saying “In the name of Allah”. One ought to thank Allah after ending his meals saying, “All thanks to Allah who fed us and quenched our thirst, who made us Muslims (those who surrender to His will)”.

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There must be no over-eating or unseemly hurry in consuming meals or drink. When consuming in a bunch, one ought to eat the meals which is in entrance of him and his behaviour mustn’t annoy others. Wastage of meals is frowned upon – Allah says, “Waste not by excess, for God loveth not wasters” – Qur’an 6:141). The Prophet stated {that a} Muslim mustn’t waste water even when he was standing on the banks of the river Tigris.

Eating shouldn’t be hasty and must be measured. One mustn’t fill his stomach. The Prophet enjoined us to fill just one third of our stomachs with meals and one third with liquids, leaving the remaining one third empty.


While providing meals as charity, one has to take care that solely good meals is obtainable to the poor (Qur’an 2:267). It is a typical custom amongst Muslims to willingly supply meals or water to any stranger who knocks the door at any time and says that he’s hungry or thirsty. If one’s neighbours are poor, one mustn’t overtly carry house fruits and meat and so on which they can not afford and if he nonetheless prefers to herald such meals overtly, he ought to share it along with his neighbours.

In brief, the Qur’an repeatedly tells us that meals is a present of God. We ought to eat it with humility and moderation and at all times thank God for His bounties (Qur’an 7:31).

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