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1.  Definition:  

Obligatory  charity  due  on  every  Muslim  before  the Eid  Al-Fitr  prayer  that  is  given  to  a  specified  group  of recipients.  

2.  Wisdom?

  Purification  for  those  who  fasted  from indecent  talk  and  acts, To  feed/give  sustenance  to  the  poor  Muslims

 To  express  gratitude  to  Allah  for  enabling  the Muslim  to  complete  the  fast  of  Ramadhan.

3.  Ruling? :  Zakaat-ul-Fitr  is  Obligatory/Compulsory  (Waajib).

4.  Upon?    :  

Every  Muslim,  young  or  old,  male  or  female,  free  or enslaved,  who  has  food  exceeding  his  and  his  family’s  Eid  day and  night  requirements.

5.  Amount?  :  

One  Saa3  (about  2.5kg) 1of  the  staple  food  of  the land.  E.g.  Rice,  barley, dates,  flour  etc., with  every type  of  food having  its  own  specific  weight.

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 6.  Who  pays  it?  :  

The  head  of  the  household  gives/disburses Zakat-ul-Fitr  for  himself  and  on  behalf  of  all  his  dependents. (Wife,  children  etc.)  

7.paying money??

The  obligation of zakat cannot be discharged  with  money  according  to  most  of  the  scholars  of Islam.

8.  Time of Obligation:  After  sunset  on  the  last  day of  Ramadhan.

9.  When to  Disburse/Pay?  :

Permissible  time  period:  Maximum  of  one  or  two  days  before Eid.

Best  time  to  disburse:  The  morning  just  before  the  Eid prayers.

Disbursing  it  after  the  Eid  Prayers:  isn’t  accepted  and  is considered  ordinary  alms  giving.

10.  Where  to  Disburse?  :  

Preferably  at  place  of  residence,  then  to other  places  that  are  in  need  if  necessary.

11.  Recipients?  :  

The  poor  and  the  needy muslims only.

May Allah accept our fasts and other forms of ibaadaat.



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