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What are the Islamic Teachings Regarding Health and Wellness?

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*What are the Islamic Teachings Regarding Health and Wellness?*

Islam, as a whole lifestyle, stresses the significance of sustaining good well being and provides the methods and the means to deal with unwell well being. In Islam, our physique and well being are thought-about as essential presents of Almighty Allah. The comprehensiveness of Islam permits each facet of life, from sleeping and washing, to praying and working, to be an act of worship.

Islam teaches us to be involved, about the entire individual. Following the steering and commandments of God permits us to face sickness and harm with persistence. Complaining and bemoaning our scenario will obtain nothing however extra ache and struggling. Our our bodies and minds have been given to us as a belief, and we are accountable for them. The steering of God covers each facet of life and there are particular methods of coping with well being points.

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Islam’s holistic strategy to well being consists of treating our our bodies with respect and nourishing them with, not solely religion, but additionally with lawful, nutritious meals. God says in the Quran, “Eat of the good things which We have provided for you” (Quran 2:172). “Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth” (Quran 2:168).

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True believers want wholesome our bodies and minds in an effort to worship God in the appropriate means. To keep a sound thoughts, a pure coronary heart and a wholesome physique, particular consideration should be paid to well being. The coronary heart and the thoughts are nourished by remembrance of God, and worship carried out in a lawful means, and the physique is nourished by partaking of the good and lawful meals God has supplied.

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Prophet’s assertion that for each sickness God offers a treatment has impressed Muslims by the centuries to pursue medical data. Especially, throughout the Middle Ages, Islamic medication was extra superior than in the West.

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*Exercise and Being Active:*

Being lively and to train just isn’t solely acceptable in Islam but additionally advisable. Part of the directions given by the Prophet and the Imams about upbringing of youngsters is the problem of bodily train. Swimming, for instance, has been vastly inspired in our spiritual literature.

Prophet Muhammad mentioned: “a strong believer is better than a weak believer” (Saheeh Muslim). He was speaking by way of religion and character but additionally indicating that bodily energy i.e. optimum well being and health have been fascinating, offering God gave us the methods and means of accomplishing such energy. Islam’s holistic way of living and thus well being provides us the means to stay sturdy and wholesome.

*Sleeping, Resting, and Avoiding Stress:*

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Almighty Allah has appointed the night time as the time for resting and the day as the time for working. “He is the One who made for you the night so that you may rest in it, and the day with light; most surely in these are signs for the people who hear” (10:67). So naturally, sleeping is essential.

Avoiding stress: decelerate; have a look at the current and get pleasure from it earlier than you lose it. Give time for your loved ones. Having a superb household life will make it easier to in coping with stress. And, lastly, be in contact with Allah, the Prophet, and Imams; learn the Qur’an and the Prayers. This will vastly assist in coping with stress. “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah, the hearts are at ease.” (13:28)


*Moderation in Food and Drink:*

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The primary Islamic guideline on meals and drink is the rule of moderation. It is claimed that when a health care provider got here to Medina, and for a very long time, nobody was visiting him as a affected person. He inquired as as to whether the folks of Medina ever turn into sick or not. He was informed that the folks of Medina observe the Qur’anic injunction which says: “Eat and drink, but do not be extravagant.” (7:31)

Prophet of Islam has mentioned: “The belly is the house of diseases, while dieting is the best of all medicines”

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