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*Information for our people in Nigeria* Lesson: Don’t Touch Money on ATM, Even if You Know or See the Owner. (Learn from this story) ——————— I want you all to join me in thanking God for His protection over me on Friday last week. I went to GTB in Ado Ekiti to make a quick transaction on Friday morning. On entering the bank premises, I looked out for the ATM that had the shortest line and went for that one which fortunately for me had just a boy. On approaching the ATM, the boy (couldn’t have been more than 22years old), sagging his trousers, came out apparently having concluded his transaction. On his way out, I asked him politely if it the ATM was dispensing cash, and he said it was. Immediately I entered the cubicle, I noticed a N200 note on the keypad. I quickly turned to call his attention to the money, but he was already by the entrance to the cubicle. He said that it was his, and asked me persuasively to give it to him. I told him to come back and take it. Again, he asked me to give it to him, and I said to him: “What did you put in your mouth to talk to me?” He smiled, asking me yet again to please give him the N200. I immediately slapped him. He staggered down the 6-step stairs and on regaining his balance, took to his heels. I called the attention of the security, shouting to them to stop the boy. They locked the gate and apprehended him. I told them what transpired by the ATM. They beat the boy thoroughly. I insisted he must take the N200 he put there and he started begging. He started crying. The Mobile Policemen beat him some more and insisted he must take the money. After about 2 minutes, the boy recited some incantations for about a minute before taking the money. He had used the N200 as a bait to get his potential sacrifice for money rituals. I didn’t know what happened later, as I was running out of time to meet up an appointment. *To God be all the glory !* Please, we must all be very watchful. Strange things are happening these days. Money ritualists are becoming more daring and more desperate. Be alert!! Be safe!!! #Copied.

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