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The month of Rajab is the best time to start the preparation for Ramadan.
This preparation should be in all sphere of our life: spiritual, physical, emotional, financial etc.

Abu Bakr Al-Balki, may Allah be pleased with him said:
_Rajab is the month to plant the seeds, Shaban is the month to irrigate the crop and Ramadan is the month to reap the harvest_.

He also said:
_Rajab is like the wind, Shaban is like the water-laden clouds and Ramadan is like the rain_.

The preparation for Ramadan should include:

a. *Istigfar Project*
This is engaging in lots of istigfar for the purification of the soul.

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b. *Good intention*
This should be to seek for the pleasure of Allah.

c. *Making constant dua*
When the Month of Rajab begins the Prophet encouraged us to say:

*_Allahumma Baarikllana fii Rajab wa Shaban wa ballighna Ramadan_*.

_Oh Allah, bless us in Rajab and Sha’ban and let us reach Ramadan_.

d. *State achievable Goals*
The goals that were not achieved during the last Ramadan should be evaluated and stated with the reasons why they were not met. The way out for these should be highlighted, while solid plans are made on how they are inculcated into our activities from now. The females that missed Ramadan that has not been paid should do so.

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e. *Pen down new goals for upcoming Ramadan*
These goals should be stated in ink; they should not be mental checklist because writing them will add to one’s motivation.

These goals should be hung or pasted in strategic places for constant reminder.
Our target can include and not limited to:
i. Quran
– tilawatul Quran
– Hifz
– Tadabbur (reflection on the Quran)
– Tafseer
– Listening to the Qur’an
ii. Salat
– Faraid salat
– Nawaafil etc
iii. Adhkar and Dua
iv. Sadaqah and Zakat
v. Relating with family
vi. Health issues
vii. Changing bad habits etc

f. *Breakdown the goals*
The goals to be achieved should be broken down to parts or steps, for example the numbers of pages of Quran to be read on daily bases and the time for it.


This should be what one can be consistent with according to individual capabilities and effort on them should start now.

g. *Revise the virtues of Ramadan*
Those virtues are worth remembering so that we are inspired in our preparation for and striving in the month of Ramadan.

The various Adhkar and supplications to be made or said in that month should be reviewed before then so that they are handy for use to maximize rewards in Ramadan.

h. *Create Awareness*
The consciousness of the upcoming month should be created in our households and environs.

i. *Fix major activities ahead*
Important activities that can be done ahead should be accomplished before Ramadan so as to have more time for i’badaah. Examples of these activities are major cleaning, shopping etc.

j. *Plan for menstruation days*
Many women are always demoralized during menstruation especially in the month of Ramadan. This period should not get to us unexpectedly, and it should be planned for and organized with activities to be done. Some of these good deeds are:
– making lots of Istigfar and dhikr
– engaging in lots of dua
– giving out charity
– reading of Islamic books
– listening to Quran recitation and tafseer
– treating parents in the best way
– helping others
– etc.

*_Oh Allah, keep us safe until Ramadan, keep Ramadan safe for us and accept it from us_*. AAMIN

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