UMM 'IMAARAH – The Brave Sahabbiya

UMM ‘IMAARAH رضي الله عنها
The Brave Sahabbiya
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The shaykh is speaking about Umm ‘Imaarah رضي الله عنها the Sahabiyyah who fought on the day of Uhud, as men fled around her.
This is why she is the woman worth 1000 men.

Picture the day of Uhud, Wallahi, reflect on the extent of the sacrifice the Sahaba gave for Islam. The Death of Hamzah رضي الله عنه and the death of Mus’ab ibn Umayr رضي الله عنه.

Reflect on the day when a small group remained on the day of Uhud to defend Muhammad ﷺ.
When Abu Ubaydah ibn Al Jarrah رضي الله عنه broke his 2 front teeth pulling out the chainlink piercing the Prophet ﷺ cheek.

When Talha ibn UbaydAllah رضي الله عنه the man dubbed as the “Living Martyr” for his injuries defending the Rasool of Allah ﷺ.

A day of heroic feats, a day of martyrs, a day of victory for the Mu’mineen and a day of defeat for the Kuffar.

So picture this day, and imagine Umm ‘Imaarah رضي الله عنها standing by her Prophet ﷺ and defending him, to an extent where the Prophet ﷺ himself said “I looked to my right and I saw Umm ‘Imaarah defending me, I looked to my left and saw Umm ‘Imaarah defending me”

Prophet ﷺ then tells her on the battlefield “who can endure what you are enduring ya Umm ‘Imaarah! Wish for anything ya Umm ‘Imaarah!”
She replied with these beautiful words “We ask to accompany you in Jannah Ya Messenger of Allah!”
So he then said “You are my companions in Paradise!”
سبحان الله
If we reflect on Uhud alone, we would come to realise that any battle in which the Kuffar win militarily, is in reality their loss and a victory for the Muslims.

Because the Mu’min dies Shaheed and goes to Jannah.
And the Kafir dies a Mushrik and goes to Jahannam.

This is why we are never be afraid of them.
Verily Allah ﷻ is with the believers.

Ya Bint Adam! If you look for role models then look at the Sahabiyyah and the Wives of Prophet ﷺ and not the so called feminist women of today.

May Allah ﷻ give us the bravery and the strength and the Love of Umm ‘Imaarah رضي الله عنها and May Allah ﷻ give us women like her, May Allah ﷻ guide us all and make us all re-unite in Jannah.

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