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A prominent proprietor who owns a particular Modrasah in Osun State was advising the students of his modrasah that they should desist from indulging in cyber-fraud (Yahoo) and surprisingly one of the students responded to the advice being given by the proprietor of their modrasah that ” Gbogbo wa ni Yahoo ooo, eyin ngba owo lati saudi Arabia; awa naa si n gba owo lowo awon oyinbo”(We are all Yahoo, you’re collecting huge amount of money from Saudi Arabia and we are collecting our own money from the white people)”. 🤔

And the proprietor sent him out and expelled him from the modrasah.
And later on, this very student came to observe Jumuah in the mosque built within the premises of modrasah he had been expelled from. As he entered the mosque the doctor who expelled him saw him while he was delivering khutbah told him not to enter the mosque because of the then issue but this guy refused to go out and he inquired that “this is the house of Allaah, you can only expel me from your modrasah, not from the mosque where I want to worship my lord despite you’re the owner this mosque in as much I’m a Muslim”
Eventually the congregants pleaded to the doctor to allow the guy into the mosque.

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From a reliable source, it has been reported that more than half of all students in that madrasah are Yahoo Boys.😥😪

Truly, the end time is near!!!

Dear parents, try as much as possible to monitor your children and advise them from time to time to stay away from all social vices. Sending them to madrasah is not enough these days because some of Ile-Keu today is full of bad children.

May Allaah rectify the affairs of this Ummah

Sanusi Lafiaji

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