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Tribute to Sheikh AbdulGaniyy Aboto

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This is a plain loss to the people of far and near,
Death of an eloquent preacher who was a symbol of politeness

Sheikh AbdulGaniyy Aboto, the Quranic Dictionary,
With wisdom you called the nation no doubt

We are forcibly satisfied, verily Allah does what He wishes,
He forbids and grant us our request if He so Wills

Servant of knowledge in all directions,
You will never see him in a state of laziness nor fatigue

To God, his demise is a complete dreariness and darkness,
As people are in the sad mood and wonder

People will surely miss you in the Bedouin and Urban areas,
Oh you who called to the way of Allah in the East and in the West

You spent your favourite times in His cause,
Allah is a witness on the good testimonies said about the intelligent fellow

Be good at all time and
Stop bad attitudes and make yourself a stranger in this material world

Be merciful to him oh Lord of maknkid,
And be a guardian to the household and his companions.

Aliyu Abdullahi Ameeruljaysh Al-Gambariyy

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