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How to Save Salary Till the End of the Month.

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Procedure to save salary till the end of the month.

(Translated from Arabic)

This is the case of a young Saudi man, who was not satisfied with his life. His salary was only four thousand Riyals. His expenses due to being married, were much more than his salary. Before the end of the month, his salary would go down and he would have to borrow and he was slowly sinking into debt and becoming firmly convinced that his life would be the same. And despite his wife’s material condition, the burden of debt was hard to even breathe.

One day he went to a meeting of his friends. There was a friend there, that day, who was a man of wise opinion and the young man said that he truly valued the advice of his friends.

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He said: I told him my story in words and put my financial difficulties before him. He listened to me and said that his opinion is that I should set aside some of my salary for charity. This young Saudi man said in surprise: Sir, I have to take a loan to cover the expenses of the house and you are asking me to give charity?

Well, when I came home and told my wife the whole thing, she said: What’s wrong with experimenting? May Allah open the door of sustenance for you.
The Saudi said: I intend to set aside 30 Riyals out of 4,000 Riyals per month for charity, and started paying it at the end of the month.

Subhan Allah ! I swear, my condition has changed. Where I used to live in financial tension and thoughts all the time, and where my life has become like a flower, light and easy, I felt free in spite of the debts. What peace of mind! Then a few months later I started setting my life; splitting my salary into parts, and it was a blessing like never before. I calculated and I then realized how long it would take to get rid of the debt, God willing.

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Then Allah Jal Shanah opened another path and I started participating in his property dealing work with one of my loved ones, I would bring him a client and I would get a reasonable profit on it. Praise be to God! Whenever I went to a client he would guide me to another. I would repeat the same thing here that whenever I get a profit, I would definitely give charity out of it for Allah.

By Allah! What is charity? No one knows except the one who has tried it. Give alms, and walk patiently, and you will see the blessings of Allah with your own eyes.

Note !
1. When you ask a Muslim to set aside money from his salary for charity and he does so, you will be rewarded as much as the one who gives charity, and the one who gives charity will be rewarded. There will be no reduction.


Think !!
You will leave this world and someone will be doing charity behind you because of you!

2. Similarly, if you continue to publish this magazine (message) and someone makes it a habit to give charity, then there is a reward for you like the one who gives charity. I made it a habit to give alms by reading this message, and swearing, the biggest difference was in my state of mind, there is a sense of satisfaction for which there is no answer.

Ya Ummah !!!
Even if you are a student, and you receive a fixed stipend, you must set aside a small amount for charity. If the one who gives charity knows and understands that his charity goes into the hands of Allah before it goes into the hands of the poor, then surely the giver will be more than the one who enjoys.

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Do you know the benefits of charity? Read! Especially 17, 18 and 19 carefully.

Listen! Even to those who give charity and to those who cause it!

1. Charity is one of the Gates of Heaven.
2. Charity is the best of good deeds, and the best charity is food.
3. Charity will be a shadow on the Day of Resurrection, and will save its giver from the fire.
4. Charity cools the wrath of God Almighty, and is a cooling tool in the heat of the grave.
5. The best gift for the deceased and the most beneficial thing is charity; and Allah Almighty increases the reward of charity.
6. Charity is a purifier, a source of self purification, and promotes good deeds.
7. Charity is a source of joy and refreshment on the face of the one who gives charity on the Day of Resurrection.
8. Charity is safe from the horrors of the Day of Resurrection, and does not allow the past to be regretted.
9. Charity is the cause of forgiveness of sins and expiation for evil deeds.
10. Charity is the good news of a good end, and is the cause of the prayers of Angels.
11. Giving alms makes one of the best of people, and its reward is given to every person who participates in it, in any way.
12. The giver of charity is promised a good and great reward.
13. Spending makes a person one of the pious, and Allah’s creatures love the one who gives charity.
14. Giving charity is a sign of generosity, and is generosity itself.
15. Charity is a way and means of the acceptance of prayers, and getting the giver out of trouble.
16. Charity removes evil and closes seventy doors of evil in the world.
17. Charity is a cause of the increase in age, wealth and success. And expansion is the cause of sustenance.
18. Charity is also a cure, as well as medicine and healing.
19. Charity prevents burning, drowning, theft and evil death.
20. Charity is rewarded, even if it is on animals and birds.

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One last thing:
The best charity at this time, is to broadcast this message beyond the intention of charity.

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