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Jinns are agents of shaitan. They work for him. ALLAH tells us in the Qur’an. Whatever I write is a testimony from Jinns. Here are the life styles that invite jinn into a body or place

 1. Negligence of ibada: They like someone who does not care about ibadah. But, they still posses someone who do ibadah in order to stop them from doing it.

 2. Uncleanness: Jinns like dirty things. When you dont clean your home and your body, surely you are making your home a dwelling place for Jinns. They like the smell of private part, so stay clean.

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 3. State of menses: When you are in a state of menses, increase dua. Jinns take advantage of you being impure, hence they possess you during that period. So during menses even though you are impure, endeavour to make du’, recite the Quran.

 4. Music: People who listen to music have higher chances of getting affected by jinn. Bcos Jinns like entertainment.

 5. Playfulness: Jinns especially younger jinns prefer to posses people who play too much especially at odd hours such as during magrib time. (Narrated in Sahih Bukhari)

 6. Women who expose: Among Jinn are womanizers, so they like nudity. When you sleep naked, walk at home naked, dress half naked, insha ALLAH you already have a jinn whether you know or you dont. Which is why whenever you go to toilet you make the dua of entering toilet, when ever u are about to remove your cloth you say Bismillah.

 7. Tatoo: Body tatoo can attract Jinn. This is also based on testimony by a jinn. He said, he likes women with tatoo or hena in their neck, umbilical or their chest. The islamically accepted hena is on foot and hands.

 8. Showing cleavage: women who show their cleavage i.e. centre in between their two breasts have high chances of getting affected by Jinn. So cover it.

 9. Night walkers: People who go to parties at night, or work late hours on the road. Wallahi most of them have Jinn. And whether you know or not.

 10. Visiting magicians,Babalawo, alfa jalabi and soothsayers: I swear by ALLAH, I m confident to say this. Anyone who visited a magician has a jinn. How do i know? When you visit a magician, sudden he tells you why you came or what you ate last night or names of your friends and relatives. Its because he assigned Jinn to you when you first visited. Moreover, most magicians who assign jinn to women use to have sexual intercourse with the women without knowing.

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 11. Going to Trash at night or throwing of trash at night: Rasolillah says do not throw trash at night, because trashcan is the dwelling place for the Jinn. This hadith is Sahih.

 12. Taking lift from strangers: At night there are Jinns who impersonate handsome men. They drive beautiful cars. They have cute pretty face, some their hands make some splash of light. Some their eyes are shining. Wallahi when they pick you up for lift, thats it.

 13. Some Jinns confessed possessing women who posted their sexy photos on social media or wall. Wallahi they followed them and entered their body. For your information, some of the guys you chat with wallahi they are not humans. It sounds funny I know, but by ALLAH, I m speaking from experience.

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 14. Following Ignorant People Lastly, following bad friends who are already infected by Jinns can attract jinn to you too. Bcos they walk around. And naturally Jinns like to possess people with friends, so that they turn your bodies into shelter.


Constant istighfar, Recitation of Qur’an, listening to the Qur’an, Having a simple lifestyle, Disassociating oneself from bad companies can save you from Jinns.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) says: Any home where Suratul Baqarah is recited Jinn can not settle.

Note that, Jinns are everywhere. They are becoming to like humans more these days. So be careful and stay safe.

May ALLAH AZZA WAJJAL guide and protect us! (Aameen)

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