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Agenda of Christian Associations of Nigeria Against the Muslim Ummah in Nigeria

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Character-types Of the Unbelievers

… Light has come to you from Allah
And a Clear Book. By it, Allah guides those who follow what pleases Him to the ways
of peace. He will bring them from the darkness to the light by His permission, and
guide them to a straight path.
(Qur’an, 5:15-16)

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P.O. BOX 65032
AUGUST 17, 1992

Dear Pastor Corlney McBeth

Thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you last week. We thank God for creating the opportunity. Best on our meeting, I am following up with this letter to acquaint you with our vision.


The Hausa are 10.9 million strong concentrated mainly in Northern Nigeria but significantly represented in six (6) other West African nations (Ghana, Togo, Benin, Cameroun, Chad and Niger). Most of these Hausas are Muslims or animists.

According to the World Christian Encyclopaedia, by the year 2000 AD, there will be more Muslims in Nigeria than Libya, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq and Lebanon all put together. The Hausas make up the bulk of Muslims in Nigeria.

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The July 1991 issue of International Journal of Frontier Mission (IJFM) published by the U.S Centre for World Mission discloses that only 1 in 1,000 Hausas is Church Member. About
10 million of them have never been exposed to the gospel even once, according to this report.

These compelling facts and our love for the lost have led us to dedicate the rest of our lives to evangelise this tribe. Our commitment is unshakable.


We will like to see at least 2 million of the 10 unreached won to the Lord by the year 2000 AD we plan to giant 10 churches within this time frame. By God‘s Grace and your help, IT

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By partnering with us your ministry would be playing a very crucial role in pioneering a church in Nigeria‘s capital city of Abuja. This church will be evangelizing the 7th largest unreached people group in the whole world.
P.O. Box Virginia Beach VA 23464


In 1959, the Council of Churches met in Nigeria to amend and produce a report on faster evangelical activities in the country. The report carries the following:


Plans on how to weaken the opponents namely: Islam and Traditional Religion. Rev Olunsi of the Anglican Mission in Nigeria chaired this committee. It was agreed upon churches that the traditional religion can be wiped out easily, but the only problem to face is Islam.


To other sub – committee were set up to see the above. The committees include:
1. A full and comprehensive report on Islamic activities.
2. Details on how to discontinue the spread of traditional religion.

Personalities to be talked to include politicians, military officers, police officers and senior civil servants:
– To handle all the country’s administrative matters.
– Take total control of the country’s political work force and all involved.
– Recruitment and monitoring of officers in the army, navy, air force, police and other security agencies in the country.

The plan for northern Nigeria was so come that they also had the following in stock: i. To build churches in and around the towns of northern Nigeria.
ii. Establish rehabilitation centres with the following tasks:
a. To cater for the needy.
b. To give relief items to those in disaster with the notice that Jesus has done this for them.
c. To build houses for homeless with the assurance that Jesus can do everything if they believe in him as their personal Lord and Saviour.
d. To offer scholarships to non-Christians more especially Muslims to Christians schools in Nigeria and abroad to enable them know the love of Jesus Christ and give them all full Christian orientation so much that they would not be allowed to offer Muslim Prayers while in school.
e. To train Christians to study Islam in Muslim schools among the scholars (Mallams) with the pretence that they are Muslim.

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The Northern Muslims are so strong in their faith that if this foundation is not properly founded and managed we shall not succeed. We would also introduce things that will keep them from remembering their religion. All sports and games will be introduced to target their prayer times. We shall at all times be in contact with our Europe and America sponsors to send us sport wears and sport materials. Muslims traditional rulers will always be used as Chairmen and internal sponsors of all our sporting activities in KANO, WAJAFA, YOLA, and JOS…

These cities will be used for medical evangelism in the north. Kano as you know is the heart of the Muslims so we must put effort in it to bring in neighbouring towns like Katsina, Daura and some parts of Niger to the light of Christ. The poor in different villages will be transported down for free treatment and their children will be given adequate and qualitative education in these cities. Schools must be founded immediately. They will be more equipped than any other schools around these cities. Farms will be established in Jos and Yola to cater for those without means of feeding. Employment will be given to the jobless. Publishing companies are to be established in Jos and Kaduna to print books in local Hausa dialect Arabic to propagate Jesus to the grassroots expanded these to Lagos and western region. Happy indeed they will still be if we find jobs for them in federal and regional departments.

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Among our people we have lawyers to efficiently design the judiciary system to suit us. We have engineers among them too who are there to protect our interest and create jobs for jobless ones.

We have others, in different social activities who are in-charge of thing that have really stopped most Muslim youth from participating in their financial religious activities. There are many if them in Boy Scout, Boys Brigade, Girl Garle, St. Johns Ambulance and the Red Cross Society. Hundred percent Christian oriented programmes which up till date they do not know.

The Roman Catholic has the highest scholarship body in the country and it is also leading in welfare and social activities with strong share in the following:

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Standard Bank of Nigeria, Beckley’s Bank of Nigeria, African International Bank etc Organization and the UAC organizations etc, the church also has notable producing companies backing it with its big shares. Leventis organisation, Nigeria Bottling Company, Seven-up Bottling Company and so many organization like that.

The Catholic prisons welfare unit has proven unchallengeable by any other organization in the country. There is no prison in the country that the catholic impact is not felt with the following activities:
i. Tuesday and Thursday free medical treatment to all inmates both convicted and awaiting trials.
ii. Powerful legal team standing freely for inmates in the courts and struggling for quick release for case files in (DPP) and police station.
iii. The welfare department assist released inmate who have no transport or means of going home with enough transport and at time personally take them home. Those who have nothing doing are also assisted with finance to take up trade and other small-scale ventures for their livelihood. More thanks to the Vatican for its wonderful support.

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We agreed with Pope Paul that Nigeria must be Christianized by the year 2000 physically or ideologically.


Our Anglican Commission is another mission that Nigeria history cannot forget for its numerous contributions to the growth of this country. Its administrative headquarters commonly called the church house in Marina Lagos. It houses so many Federal Government ministries and parastatals. The Anglican compunction in Nigeria deserves a great thank for many elementary and secondary schools built in western Nigeria and some part of east. It is well known in its scholarship activities and material and human services. Its activities are also felt in the prison and other social centres. It is close to the Catholic Mission.

Thank to Bishop Adetiloye and other Bishops who have made known that Muhammad was an impostor in fact and agent of Satan sent to come and ridicule Christianity (which is clearly a false accusation). His regular publications sponsored by our elder statement, God keep him alive for us. Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo, this great man highlighted the Christians in the west. Without him, Ibadan could have turned to Mecca in Nigeria. In the name of Christianity, he tactically introduced Ibadan Recreational Club.

The Anglican Communion is the first Christian organization to give condition that you can only be admitted into a Christian school by dropping your faith as a Muslim. This action was considered necessary in 1910, because Muslims at Oshogbo, Ede, Ibadan, Oyo and Shaki Towns stood firm that their children cannot change their Islamic names to any other name to enable them go to school. In 1910, a decision was taken by Christians that we have schools, we have hospitals and we hold fast to every material needs so if they disagree with us we will not help them.

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The Methodist Church like Anglican had the same plans but with a slight difference. They have musical band that was used for attracting Muslim children and that really changed people in Kwara and so many other Muslims in the South.

Evangelical activities will continue like that. We will all go out in reach of funds to back the coming churches and we warned therefore that the churches present and other ones to come later must not wage war against themselves, must not fail one to support one another financially and materially. All our sources of resources must not be made to the Muslims until we bend their leaders to follow us whether they like or not.

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In this National council of churches meeting, everybody here present must take this home to his audience and congregation that we have just one opponent and that is Mohammadanism, the religion of Islam.

In recent time, the Sardauna of Sokoto and some notable Yorubas from Ibadan visited Arabia in search of money to islamise this country they have known that we have our sponsor even before they think of Arabia.

So we have frustrated them academically, medically and introduced to them the sensible way things they do not like.
a. Club of social and recreations.
b. Alcohol and ladies of all kind.
c. They shall be gainfully employed in hotels and brewery. This will teach them a lesson of their lives. They will be frustrated weather they like it or not.

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Though Nigerians who have key positions and belong to different cult in the country and abroad, we will win them to ourselves. We would talk to them on how to work together. We shall not disturb them on their faiths and beliefs but, place them in position that we can benefit from them daily.

We shall also show them the bad sides of these Muhammedan. We would propagate to them that these Mohammedan are their open enemies they should give them no room to near them.


Administration means total control of this country’s affairs. The working calendar must be changed to our favour. The noise of Thursday and Friday holiday must be battled out by these our brothers known as our colonial masters. We would instigate them by means never to include this in the constitution before the independence. Saturdays and Sundays, which are our days, must be fixed to balance all our friendly countries in the world.

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The two o’clock closure from work must be revoked by the constitution because this gives them freedom to worship their stone facing Mecca. So we would make sure that they would not have single time to think of their so called worship.

We would make the government, private, firms, banks, etc, to choose and adopt 12 noon as break time so that by that their two o’clock prayer time will be a busy working period for them. We shall make their holiday’s period so tight that their workers might not earn their salaries before the time. The market shall be no go area within that period. We would extend our activities to:
i. Primary schools.
ii. Secondary schools
iii. Higher schools and all few universities we have.

The evangelical team of the University of Ibadan shall come out with the plan on how to impacts of ideas on them as it is said catch them young and train them or bring them young and train them or bring them young and breed them. The morning assemblies in the schools must be hands for all devotions. From kindergarten schools, we shall ridicule this Muhammad and lift up Jesus by teaching them church choruses. As soon as they finish from their colleges we shall use Baptist seminary Ogbomoso to coach them on administrative matter in your favour.


Thanks to that institution founded in 1990 with the powerful medical centres and Baptist news.



As we move towards independence and election at the same time, we must do our best to make this political timetable to suit us and hold key position so that our enemy be swimming behind us. We shall disperse a team to the queen using our beloved brothers like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Osadebe to convince the British Parliament not accept a single Islamic sentiment in the constitution, for every culture in Europe and western world is acceptable unto us. Nigeria will then be known as a secular state, so we must dictate to them how Nigerian politics will be run. We have few Yoruba
Muslims and their northern brothers are threatening us. We shall incorporate into Rotary International Social Club and make them feel we are one. We shall remove the idea for radicalisms in them and bend them to accept our plan.

Occasionally, we shall hold parties and end of the year parties. We would make them dance our music with the Muslims. Use half dressed if not naked girls to serve and dance with them in any occasion. We shall also legitimize things they forbid like alcohol up to their doorstep; prostitution even in their families. If this is done, tell me are we not controlling the political structure of this our great Nation.

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We know that our lives are in the hands of Christ the Lord, and only he can save. We must not therefore sit down and fold our hands. These boys must be in our full control before they get mature. They shall be trained very well oversees and if any anarchy or trouble arises in the country we shall direct them to areas attacked and the police will always standby with us to implicate them and divert their attention on knowing what we have in stock. We shall introduce our symbols into their way of dressing (uniform) so much that these Muhammadans not have anything to say about that.

Mess and other recreation or pleasure centres shall be introduced in all the military installation and in police barracks. These will draw them to us and we can change them. We shall stock in alcohol and much time for games so that they will not remember their prayer time.

Women will be included for them freely so that they can equally take off their minds from what they are doing. We can equally intimidate them for marriage this will affect them in their families.

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In 1982, there was a meeting held at the city hall in January by the Christians Association of
Nigeria (CAN). The first question that arose in the meeting was “are we still member of OIC?” Archbishop Olubunmi Okogie put this question forth. In response, Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission Incorporated replied. “We are almost sold to this Muslim world the fight has just begun”. The next question was “who is deceiving who?”. “The Arabs are funding Islam through Gumi and he claimed that he received King Faisal
Award. Activities of Gumi are well known to us, we shall find the end to this soon. President Babangida would tell us our position in OIC or else the country will be on fire”. After that submission, there was an announcement that all non-members including journalists who are not specially invited are hereby advised for their interest. Security men are not allowed in there.

“The business of the day now starts” said Idahosa. They asked “how many churches have we in Nigeria?” Rev Pastor Uche, Assistant Secretary General Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) east, replied with respect and honour. “Sir, we have four thousand, five hundred and twenty seven (4,527) registered churches with the Corporate Affairs Department”. And Idahosa who chaired the occasion now asked new members if they are aware of twenty-eight
(28) evangelical forces used as operating forces for the churches in Nigeria and West Africa. He asked the old members if they are having any problem in carrying out any of the twentyeight forces.

The all members replied with alternative. He asked which area, they answered force eighteen. North for Christ in the year 2000 we cannot penetrate the North with all strategies given to us sir, replied Rev Adigun, Chairman North for Christ in the year 2000. The elders were invited for round table talk immediately and they had a task on how to bring out plan for the penetration of North. One hour later at about 1.30 pm, the elders brought the following reports through their spokesman, present CAN president Rev. Monday Mbang:
i. Christian NYSC members must be posted down to Muslim communities of the North. They shall be given tasks to survey and immediately report the difficulties within the communities to the committee, North for Christ in the year 2000 with its headquarters at St. Joseph, Kaduna. ii. With the poverty in the North, we shall give you enough money and other aids to bring them close to Christ. iii. The Christian hospital in the North shall be expanded and free treatment should be given to Muslims while the Christian members pay forty percent for their own treatment.
iv. We must take over all media houses for immediate propagating activities. These activities should include announcing crusade activities in radio and television houses in the North. This announcement should be as follow:
Ilupeji bye-pass should serve as collection centre for all material and other items to be used for welfare on the distant northerner settlers. These people include Kowa, Goza, Maguzawas and the people of Goron-Dutse in Kano.
Go and apply this, if you still have problem let us know quickly. Idahosa asked again. “How active and functioning is 109 activities given to them”? They were advised to put effort in games, children and party and other things that can change their mind quickly.

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He also warned them not to increase or decrease the movement from forty-one and that these movements have succeded very well, because in the West and East, our brothers have done it well to totally take control of the media like these few media coming up namely: Ray Power, African Independent Television, Muri International Galazy and INN.

These four media coming up shortly, if functioning very well and we pray it will function, we shall make nonsense of the Muslims. We have to be thankful to our great and fearless brothers like General Yakubu Gowon Rtd, Major General Jeremiah Oseni serving and Major General Joseph Rtd. These people have guaranteed us a total of Abuja and its environments.

They have also promised to rehabilitate our broadcasting in Offa, Kwara State and build new ones for television shown at:
i. Abuja
ii. Jos
iii. Maiduguri iv. Owerri and v. Calabar.
This is going to be total achievement for us and victory is near. As we rise from this meeting, said Idahosa “let everyone of you have this in mind the Muslims are our open enemies (although they did not do anything to us). We can also uncle them by making them chairmen and chairladies in all our fund raising activities”.

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Our ladies would be sent to reveal fearful visions to these Muslim money-bagged so that we can easily convert their riches for the propagation of Christ. The circular is thereby recommended to all churches in Nigeria and some West African Countries.

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