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Christian-Muslim Dialogue on Divorce

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Dialogue with a Christian

M; In Christianity, can a woman divorce her husband if he comes home drunk and beats her up daily?

C: umm … ummm … he shouldn’t be beating up his wife

M: Yes he shouldn’t. But he is a Christian, and he does so, can the woman divorce him and remarry?

C: umm … ummm … yes

M: But your bible says she cannot . If she does so, she is committing adultery

C: umm … umm … I guess so . What’s your point?

M: That Christianity has no solution to such a common problem.

C: Well what then is Islam’s solution to this problem

M: Subhan’Allah. In Islam we have solutions that are practical . In Islam a woman can ask for a divorce in such situations and then get remarried 💡

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