Islamization of Nigeria – Educating the Christians


Next time Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, talks about Islamization of Nigeria, please educate them.!

Islam did not just start. It has been there in Nigeria for centuries If we did not islamize anyone all these years is it now because Muhammadu Buhari is the President?

Why is CAN even screaming islamization now that for the first time a pastor is in the villa as Vice President to Mohammadu Buhari the so-called Fulani Jihadist?

There was never an Imam who became Governor or contested any political office in Nigeria.

In Benue we had a Catholic priest as governor.

In Taraba we had Reverend Jolly Nyame in a northern state as governor, neither the Muslim in the state nor the northern region ever scream for Christianization of the Muslims.

Besides Pastor Yemi Osinbajo as vice President of Nigeria, late TB Joshua contested for the President, Pastor Tunder Bakare contested and still contesting for the President of Nigeria and now Bishop Idahosa has been picked up as running mate to Kwankwoso a Hausa-Fulani man from the far north state of Kano.

With all the above Pastors, Bishop, and a Reverend in the political atmosphere of Nigeria, no outcry for Christianization has been ever heard from the Muslims in the country.

What worth knowing:

The great mosque was built for Muhammad Rumfa in Kano in the 15th century and was moved to a new site by Muhammad Zaki in 1582.

The First Church in Nigeria was built in 1842, some say 1898 (Google it)

The bottom line is whether 1550 or 1582, Islam has been in existence in Nigeria for almost three centuries before the coming of Christianity.

How can a nominal Muslim like Bola Ahmed Tinubu whose wife, Senator Remi Tinubu, a pastor and at the same time, Mr. Ahmed Tinubu behind the imposition of Ambode, and Sanwolu, who are all Christians to be governors of lagos state will ever be part and parcel of Islamization of Nigeria on the Muslim/Muslim ticket issue?

Please let religious bodies like CAN, Pastors, and Imams learn to sow the seeds of peaceful co-existence, not disharmony and needless suspicion.

May Nigeria be emancipated from the hands of the corrupt, hypocrites, and enemies of the state and bless us with good leaders with humanity and those having the country at heart.

By Mustapha Gembu

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