1. Are you aware that there is only one Muslim governor in the whole southern Nigeria, Gov. Oyetola of Osun out of 17 states?

2. Are you equally aware that there are only two Muslim Deputy Govs. in the whole of southern Nigeria?

3. In the North, there are four Christian Governors out of 19 states.

4. Eight Christian deputy Governors out of 19 states.

5. Are you aware there are 20 Christian Governors and only 16 Muslim Governors in Nigeria?

6. Do you know that there are 23 Christian Deputy Governors and 13 Muslim Deputy Governors in Nigeria?

Despite this, ‘Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN ) and Pentecostal Fellowship Of Nigeria ( PFN ) are still shouting of Islamization agenda. But, is this Christianization agenda of the south? No, because southern Muslims are more liberal and won’t shout or make noise but if it is the opposite, ‘CAN’ would raise hell.


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