Topics of the Series

*Dear Brothers & Sisters,*
The sequence introducing the basics of Islam will probably be began in the new WhatsApp workforce in this Friday (Feb 25). We hope this sequence will provide you the authentic image of Islam as an entire code of existence which touches each side of human existence.

💐You might invite your circle of relatives, colleagues and buddies of all religions and faiths to know and transparent the misconceptions about Islam.

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*Topics of the Series:*
1. What is Islam?
2. Who is a Muslim?
3. Is Islam a New Religion? Who is the Founder of Islam?
4. What is the Difference of Islam from Material Ideologies
5. What is the Purpose of Our Existence?
6. Does God Exist? Is There Any Evidence for God’s Existence?
7. Finding Wisdom in God’s Creations
8. Who is God? How to Realize the Right God?
9. Who Created God?
10. Does Faith in God Contradict with Science?
11. What is the Concept of God in Islam?
12. What Does Oneness of God (Tawhid) Mean in Islam?
13. What are the Problems with Polytheism
14. Oneness of God in Hindu Scriptures
15. Oneness of God in Bible Old Testaments
16. Oneness of God in Bible New Testaments
17. If the Creator is One, How Come There are So Many Gods?
18. Does Islam Give Freedom to Choose Faith/Religion?
19. Does God Need Our Worship? Why did He Create Us to Worship Him?
20. What are the Principles of Beliefs in Islam?
21. Why Do We Need a Religion?
22. Is Religion Really Needed for Humans to Become Moral & Good?
23. What are the Unique Features of Islam?
24. Islam is Not Just Rituals; It is System of Moral Values
25. Who is Allah? Why Muslims Prefer to Call God as ‘Allah’?
26. Does Allah, Lord Rama, Jesus Christ, and so forth are Different Names of Same God?
27. Why is Associating Partners with God an Unforgivable Sin in Islam?
28. Cosmic Diversity and the Oneness of the Creator
29. Why Does Islam Prohibit Idol Worship?
30. If Islam Opposes Idol Worship, Why do Muslims Pray to Kaaba?
31. Should We Seek God Examining Whether Our Prayers are Answered?
32. Why Should We Pray to the God? Why Don’t God Fulfill All the Needs of the Believers?
33. Why Does God Test Us with Hardship?
34. How to Face the Tests of God?
35. Why Does Allah Allow Suffering and Evil in the World?
36. What Does Faith in Destiny Mean in Islam?
37. If Everything is Predestined, then How the Disbelievers are Responsible for Their Disbelieves and Bad Deeds?
38. Doesn’t Islam Permit Critical Thinking?
39. Signs for Those Who Ponder Over!
40. Does God Give Free Will and Freedom to Control Our Destiny?
41. How Can Life be a Test if Allah is All-Knowing?
42. Why So Many Laws in Islam? Why Does Islam Seem to be Strict?
43. Why Doesn’t God Punish All Evil-Doers & Disbelievers on this World?
44. Why did Allah Create Satan (Devil)?
45. What is Islamic View About Death?
46. What Does Islam Say About Life After Death?
47. The Necessity of the Resurrection and Judgment in the Afterlife?
48. What is the Possibility of the Resurrection After Death?
49. What is the Proof for Life after Death?
50. What are the Concepts of Last Day & the Day of Judgment?
51. What is the Concept of Heaven in Islam?
52. Who All Will Enter Paradise?
53. What is the Concept of Hell in Islam?
54. Are All Non-Muslims (Even with Good Morals) Going to Hell?
55. What Will be the Fate of Disbelievers Who Never Heard the Message of Islam?
56. What Does Islam Say About the End of the World?
57. Who are the Prophets? Why Did God Send Prophets?
58. What are the Criteria for a True Prophet?
59. Why have been Prophets Chosen from Human Beings, Not from Angels?
60. What Were the Teachings of the Prophets?
61. Who is Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him)?
62. Uniqueness of Prophet Muhammad’s Prophecy?
63. What are the Evidences for Muhammed’s (ﷺ) Prophethood?
64. What is Wrong in Considering that Muhammad(ﷺ) Had Aimed for Worldly Power?
65. Why is Muhammed(ﷺ) Called the Last Prophet?
66. Why Prophet Muhammad Didn’t Die for Our Sins?
67. Prophecies About Muhammad(ﷺ) in Hindu Scriptures?
68. Is Prophet Muhammad the Kalki Avtar Prophesized in Hindu Scriptures?
69. Prophecies About Muhammad(ﷺ) in Bible Old Testaments?
70. Prophecies About Muhammad(ﷺ) in Bible New Testaments?
71. Who are the Angels?
72. Why Did God Create Angels? Does He Need Help of Angels?
73. What are the Scriptures?
74. What are the Fundamental Sources of Islamic Faith?
75. What is the Holy Qur’an?
76. What is the Theme of Holy Qur’an?
77. Who Wrote the Holy Qur’an? Can It Not Be Claimed that the Qur’an used to be the Composition of Muhammad(ﷺ) Himself?
78. Why the Qur’an Was Not Revealed to Prophet (ﷺ) in a Compiled Form (Altogether)?
79. When and Under What Circumstance used to be the Qur’an Compiled as a Complete Book Bound Between Two Cover Pages?
80. What are the Evidence for the Qur’an to Be a Divine Scripture?
81. Is there Any Contradiction in Holy Qur’an? What is the Reality of the ‘Contradictions’ that Critics Allege?
82. Is Qur’an Scientific & Rational?
83. Scientific Facts in the Quran
84. Can it Be Said that the Qur’an is a Practicable Book in All Respects?
85. What Does the Qur’an Say About the Scriptures that Preceded It?
86. Does Islam Agree the Hindu & Christian Scriptures Existing Today?
87. Did the Glorious Qur’an Preserve as It used to be Revealed from God?
88. Are there Different Versions of Holy Quran?
89. Is it Not True that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has Copied the Qur’an from the Bible?
90. What is Hadith? What is the Importance of Hadith in Islam?
91. What are the Obligatory Acts of Worship in Islam?
92. Why do Muslims Perform Daily Prayer (Namaz)?
93. Message of Ramadan – Why do Muslims Fast?
94. Concept, Importance & Benefits of Zakat in Islam
95. Why Do Muslims Perform Hajj?
96. What is Shariah Law?
97. What is the Relationship Between God and Man?
98. What Should Be a Muslim’s Attitude Towards Worldly Life?
99. Islamic Perspective of Monasticism (Sannyasa)?
100. Morals and Faith Are Inseparable
101. What is the Islamic View About Virtue and Vice?
102. What is the Concept of Sin in Islam?
103. What Should Be the Characters of a Muslim?
104. Importance of Knowledge & Education in Islam?
105. What are the Islamic Directions in the Financial Front & Earning Money?
106. What are the Islamic Directions on Spending Money?
107. What Does Qur’an Say About Master-Laborer Relationship?
108. Significance of the Environment in Islam
109. What are the Islamic Teachings Regarding Food?
110. What are the Islamic Teachings Regarding Health and Wellness?
111. What is Islamic View on Entertainments?
112. What are the Characteristics of Islamic Society?
113. What are the Human Rights in Islam/Quran?
114. The Concept of Equality in Islam?
115. The Concept of Justice in Islam
116. Social Service in Islam
117. Humanity and the Divine Religion / Religion and Human Relations
118. The Importance of Good Family Ties in Islam
119. What is the Status of Parents in Islam?
120. How Should Be a Muslim’s Relationship with Non-Muslim Parents?
121 The Rights of Children on Parents in Islam.
122. What is Islamic View About Neighborhood? / Rights of Neighbors in Islam?
123. What is the Quran’s Approach Towards Slavery?
124. What Were the Practical Steps Qur’an Adopted for the Eradication of Slavery?
125. Why Didn’t Qur’an Completely Prohibit Slavery?
126. What is the Concept of Gender Equality in Islam?
127. Does Not Islam Give Freedom to Women? Is Islam a Male Dominated Religion?
128. What are the Rights Islam Gives to Women?
129. What Will Women Get in Paradise, While Men Get Beautiful Maidens (Hoor)?
130. Does Islam Prevent Women from Entering Masjid (Mosque)?
131. Isn’t it an Explicit Discrimination that Islam Gives Men Twice the Portion of Women of their Share of Inheritance?
132. What is the Islamic Code of Dress?
133. Is Hijab (Veil) a Symbol of Oppression or Freedom?
134. What is the Islamic View on Marriage?
135. What are the Procedures in Islamic Wedding?
136. Why is Polygamy Allowed (for Men) in Islam?
137. Why Islam Prohibits Woman from Having More than One Husband?
138. What used to be the Wisdom Behind Prophet’s Multiple Marriages? / Why Did Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Have Many Wives?
139. What Does Islam Say About Divorce?
140. What is the Quranic Procedure of Talaq?
141. Why is Extra-Marital Sexual Relationship Prohibited in Islam?
142. Teachings of Moderation and Balance in Islam
143. Peace of Mind Only via Remembrance of God
144. Islam – The Religion of Rationalism
145. Islam – The Easy and Natural Way
146. No Priesthood in Islam
147. The Prophet’s Last Sermon
148. What is the Islamic View Towards Casteism & Racism?
149. Why are There Many Sects/Groups in Islam?
150. Islam is the Religion of Tolerance and Ease
151. What is Islamic View on Pluralism? Can a Muslim Be Communal?
152. What Does Islam Teach About Humanity?
153. What Should Be the Approach of Muslims Towards Non-Muslims?
154. Who is Kafir? Does this Term Denounce Non-Muslims?
155. Does Qur’an Prohibit Having Intimate Relations with Non-Muslims?
156. Does Qur’an Prohibit Marital Relations with Non-Muslims?
157. Does Qur’an Encourage Muslims to Demolish the Objects of Worship of Other Religionists?
158. What is ‘Jihad’? Can Terrorism be Compared to Physical Jihad?
159. Is Jihad the Battle Against Non-Muslims? Does Qur’an Propagate Animosity Towards Other Religions by means of Encouraging Jihad?
160. Does Qur’an Recommend the Forcible Conversion of Non-Muslims?
161. What Does the Qur’an Say About Peace & Non-Violence?
162. Does Quran Promote Violence, Bloodshed and Brutality by means of Saying Muslims Should Kill the Kuffar Wherever They Find Them?
163. What Does Islam Say About Terrorism?
164. Why is Islam portrayed so horribly? Who is at the back of Islamophobia?
165. Are All Terrorists Muslims?
166. What Were the Motives of the Wars of the Prophet?
167. Does the Struggle for Rights must Choose the Path of War Itself?
168. What Does the Qur’an Say About War?
169. When is it Permissible to Fight in Islam?
170. When Does Jihad Become Obligatory for a Muslim?
171. What are Islamic Laws and Rules of War?
172. Why Suicide Bombing Violates Islam?
173. What are the Ethics & Humanity Islam Teaches in the War Towards Enemies?
174. Is Religion Separate from Politics According to Islam?
175. What is the Concept of Islamic State/Country?
176. How used to be the Politics & Rule of Prophet?
177. What are the Rights of Citizens in an Islamic State?
178. How Did the Prophet Muhammed Treat Minorities in Islamic Country?
179. Are Non-Muslims Treated as Second Class Citizens in Islamic Country? Is levying ‘Jizya’ a Discrimination Towards Them?
180. Does Islam Prescribe Death Penalty for Apostates?
181. What is Islamic View on Nationalism?
182. What is Islamic View on Democracy?
183. What is Islamic view on Secularism?
184. What is Islamic View on Marxism & Socialism?
185. How Can Islam be Called the Religion of Peace When it used to be Spread by means of the Sword?
186. How Did Islam Spread in the World?
187. Why is Islam Often Misunderstood?
188. Is there a Tendency to Abandon Religion/Islam in the New Generation??
189. Why Do So Many People Embrace Islam in Today’s Times?
190. Are All Religions True? Does Islam Agree All Religions?
191. How Can We Realize Which Religion is True?
192. Why Muslims Call Others to Islam?
193. If Islam is the Best Religion, Why are All Muslims Not Good?
194. Some Questions to Atheists/Rationalists
195. What are the Similarities Between Hinduism and Islam?
196. What are the Differences Between Hinduism and Islam?
197. What are the Similarities Between Christianity and Islam?
198. What are the Differences Between Christianity and Islam?
199. Is it Compulsory to Accept Islam for Salvation?
200. How to Convert to Islam and Become a Muslim?

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