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What are the Differences Between Christianity and Islam?

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*❓What are the Differences Between Christianity and Islam?*
✅Islam is the way of life which introduces the purest concept of God and the concepts about our life and hereafter, which are also acceptable by the human reasoning and wisdom. It is only in Islam, that we can see such a clear concept about God, the purpose of our life, and the concept of life after death without any complications and contradictions.

*1. Concept of God:*
Islam is a system of thought that believes in absolute monotheism, called Tawhid. Jesus Christ also taught the same oneness of the creator. He constantly reminded that he is not the God, but the one who had sent him to the world (Father) is the Almighty God.

But after Jesus, the followers had changed these basic doctrines. And, today, we see the ‘trinity’ as the fundamental faith of Christianity, which is so much complicated that even the preachers do not understand what it really means!


But the concept of God in Islam is undistorted and straight-forward. Islam teaches without any complications that there is no power other than the great Almighty God, the One Who created us all and the worlds.

*2. Form of Worships:*
Instead of praying to the unseen Almighty God, it is common among Christians to offer prayers and dedication to many idols and statues.

Islam strictly teaches that we should worship only the Lord Creator and should seek help from Him alone.

*3. Prophethood of Muhammed (PBUH):*
It is a practice of God to send prophets again when the followers of previous prophet tamper and corrupt the teachings after their lifetime.

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Hence, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah. So, it is the responsibility of all men to believe in him since the teachings of none of the previous Prophets available in its purest form today. However, the Christians do not believe in him.

*4. Divinity of Holy Quran:*
All the Bible verses are not from the Almighty God, not even from Jesus Christ. Bible writers added many verses and incidents into it, and some of the Bible verses are even changed on a later time. Hence, we cannot say Bible is perfectly divine.

Whenever the divine scriptures get corrupted by human interventions, God sends prophets again, and through them comes the scriptures. The Qur’an is the very scripture that has been revealed in this way and will be protected till the end of the world from human interventions/tampering. However, the Christians do not believe in it.

*5. Original Sin:*
Christians today believe that all human beings are born as sinners. They even use this argument as an evidence to prove the divinity of Jesus and the significance of his crucifixion.

However, Islam teaches that the whole human beings are born free and holy. Islam says that people are becoming sinners just by their own deeds.

*6. Crucifixion of Jesus:*
Majority of today’s Christians believe that Jesus was crucified for the sins of men. However, Islam teaches that all humans are born in purest form and if anyone commits any sin, then he himself must taste its punishment unless he repents. And this is the most just and rational approach towards it.

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*7. Monasticism:*
In a Christianity, some people denounce the material life and imagine themselves as servants of God.

But Islam balances the spiritual and worldly life, and thus does not permit any kind of extremism like the monasticism. Instead, it commands to submit us completely to God through a balanced life.

*8. Tradition of Exalting to Saint/Holy:*
There is a tradition among Christians to raise/exalt some as saint/holy after their death.

However, Islam’s view is that only Almighty God knows complete in-out of any person and therefore nobody here has the authority to declare someone as saint/holy or sinner in this world.

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