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Why Do Muslims Fast?

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*❓Message of Ramadan – Why Do Muslims Fast?*
✅Ramadan is the 9th month within the Islamic calendar through which the revelation of the Holy Qur’an started to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Ramadan is noticed via fasting from crack of dawn to sundown each day of the lunar month of Ramadan. Muslims abstain from meals, drink, and bodily intimacy from crack of dawn till nightfall. Simply put, fasting throughout Ramadan is without doubt one of the 5 pillars, which means it is without doubt one of the 5 most elementary acts a Muslim has to do. It is a part of Muslim’s basic trust machine.

Not everybody fasts throughout this month, as with the rest, there are exceptions. Children, the ill, vacationers, nursing moms, people who find themselves mentally challenged, the aged, and many others. are all exempt from fasting. Those who’re quickly not able to speedy will have to make up the overlooked days after Ramadan or feed the deficient.

Although we can not devour or drink, fasting is so a lot more than that. Muslims are known as upon to make use of this month to test their lives in mild of Islamic steering. We are to make peace with those that have wronged us, strengthen ties with friends and family, and alter our unhealthy practices. We are to wash up our lives, our ideas, and our emotions throughout this month.

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This manner now not best fasting from food and drinks, however from evil movements, ideas, and phrases. Smoking, profanity, mendacity and different vices additionally invalidate the short. Therefore, fasting isn’t simply bodily, however is somewhat the overall dedication of the individual’s frame and soul to the spirit of the short. We imagine that fasting brings us nearer to our non secular aspect.

*Why Do Muslims Fast?*
Why speedy the month of Ramadan? The easy solution is that God urged us to speedy within the Qur’an: “Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you that you may (learn) piety and fear of God” (2:183). The objective is to worship God via obedience, and the outcome, expectantly, is to attract nearer to God.

Fasting is supposed to deliver worshippers nearer to God thru secure remembrance, mirrored image, and sacrifice. Daily fasting, mixed with 5 day by day prayers and prolonged night time prayers, demanding situations worshippers to concentrate on their movements, deeds, and ideas, somewhat than on subject material needs and speedy gratification.


Fasting is a demand in Islam – a reset for the thoughts, frame and soul. Muslims are anticipated to turn strength of will and deeper spirituality throughout Ramadan.

It could also be a month of gratitude. By abstaining from meals and water throughout the day, the devoted are reminded of the ones much less lucky and acquire empathy for the ones. Empathy turns to motion because the Muslim provides to charities all the way through the month (and past) and culminates within the required act of giving the ‘purifying charity’ on breaking the short for Eid birthday party.

It used to be within the month of Ramadan that the Holy Qur’an used to be published to the prophet Muhammad. This is a large a part of why Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. Ramadan isn’t about consuming and ingesting, this can be a non secular quest. It is a time for us to center of attention our power on what’s in reality vital. It is a time to higher ourselves thru our ideals.

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