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(1) Never Eat, Drink or Use anything you seized from your student. It will translate to a sign of irresponsibility as a teacher.

(2) Never speak against or ill of a fellow teacher in front of students. It will appear as a sign of unhealthy relationship amongst the teachers which may ultimately undermine the students’ upbringing.

(3) Avoid using your phone to search for information in class. It may lead to questioning your competence by the students.

(4) Never cite an example of body size or complexion using any of your students. You might be accused of an assault or an act of body shaming against the student.


(5) Avoid speaking about an embarrassing personal life of your student in the class. You might be the only person knowing it and revealing it to his colleagues may create inferiority complex in the student’s psyche.

(6) Never give an unverified answer to a student’s question just to avoid being embarrassed for not providing the answer. It is better you find a clever way of delaying the answer until your subsequent meeting to avoid misleading your students.

(7) Avoid isolation with your student of opposite gender for a conversation; it may create a sense of suspicion against your person. Try to make the conversation as transparent as possible.

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(8) Never give a test or an assignment you could not have time to mark. It is a sign of unprofessionalism and might demotivate your students if they see it.

(9) Never send for your student who may be having a teacher in his class. It may cost him losing some important aspects of the lesson.

(10) Avoid befriending or dating your student in school; this may cost you your hard-earned integrity. It may work better when you do that after the student’s graduation from the school. May we be guided.


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