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How Did the Prophet Muhammed Treat Minorities in Islamic Country

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*How Did the Prophet Muhammed Treat Minorities in Islamic Country?*

During the first years of the Prophet’s mission to invite people into Islam, his closest family members, including an uncle, did not only refuse his invitation, but also persecuted and ill-treated him. Despite all the persecution, ill-treatment and hardship, the prophet of Islam never used aggressive or unpeaceful means to promote his religion; even after the victory of his social movement, and when Islam became the superior power of the Arab Peninsula, history testifies that he never considered taking revenge.

Friendship and tolerance are affairs of high importance in the social sira [life and manner] of the holy Prophet (ﷺ), in domestic as well as international aspects. This led to a reformation of the society, social relations, and affairs.

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God has introduced Muhammad (ﷺ), His great Messenger, as pervasive and all-encompassing of mercy, whose kind behavior involved both Muslims and Non-Muslims: “And we have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds.” [Quran 21:107]

In fact, Prophet Muhammad’s call to Islam was done in such a way that he would not force anyone into submission. He did not even subdue his greatest enemies at a time when he had authority over them and was capable of doing anything; rather, he only sent them out of the Islamic realm to prevent them from carrying out hostile actions.

After a while, a new religion was spoken of across the Arab world, eventually, reaching out to other countries. The number of Islam’s followers increased every day, religious discussions and arguments about the new prophet, Mohammad (ﷺ), and his new religion were widespread. Various individuals and religious bodies, from different places, would come to the Prophet of Islam to verify his message and challenge his religion.


God had ordered the prophet (ﷺ), in the Quran, to allow even polytheists and pagans to come to him freely and safely, “if he seeks your protection to learn about your religion and research it..” (Quran 9:6). Prophet Muhammad devoted a house in Medina for hosting these visitors, some visitors would also be hosted by the prophet’s companions upon his recommendation. When Christians came to visit, the Prophet (ﷺ) would spread about his cloak for them to sit upon.

The Prophet would treat his opponents liberally; for instance, when he accepted the representatives of Najran Christian community, Mohammad (ﷺ) criticized their belief in divinity of Jesus (pbuh) and invited them to follow Islam. However, he never forced them into accepting Islam; on the contrary, he allowed them to use the Mosque of Medina for their worshiping rituals.

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Even when Mohammad (ﷺ) decided to send out invitations to the emperors of other countries, including the Byzantine emperor and the Persian emperor, he asked them to either submit to Islam or to stay out of the way, so that nations could be exposed to the new religion and choose their religion freely.

The prophet sought to rectify situations wherein nations could make decisions based on their thoughts and ideology, and in a case where light is shed on truth they can accept the monotheistic belief, and cease to worship anything expect for God–without submitting to anyone’s orders but God’s. In order for this responsibility to be carried out, it is necessary to fight against the powers that prevent nations from their freedom to explore, research, and convert to the Divine religion.

Prophet Muhammad’s peaceful manner towards the opponents encouraged many individuals, groups, and religious bodies to freely immigrate to Medina. History writes that about forty religious and political bodies visited Medina during Prophet’s time to learn about the religion.

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