*June is ‘Pride Month’ -i.e. when LGBTQ is ‘celebrated’ and all the website logos turn into rainbows 🌈*

Speak to your children/students to see if anything dodgy has happened in school or if they are being pressured into agreeing/accepting the LGBTQ narrative

Speak up and complain if necessary – and urge other Muslim parents to do so

*If you are a maktab teacher:* bring up the topic and allow students to openly ask their questions – make sure they go away with a clear understanding on what the Islamic position is. There is no need to be timid or beat around the bush, we have a legal right to hold our religious beliefs

Prepare answers beforehand if you are likely to become flustered when confronted with tricky questions

*If you are in a management position in a maktab or evening madrasah:* please fulfill your Islamic responsibility and hold a meeting with all staff to discuss and deploy a madrasah-wide strategy

Teachers must be given the guidance and confidence to tackle any issues arising from this fitnah

Parents must be informed if any child reports an alarming incident from school, as they are in the best position to protect and defend their children.

*Acts of indecency brings harmful diseases*

A person must know that when the immorality like, adultery and homosexuality become widespread in a society or community, various and numerous kinds of plagues and diseases will emerge among them. The Prophet (PBUH) said:

*“Immorality never appears among a people to such an extent that they commit it openly, but plagues and diseases that were never known among the predecessors will spread among them.”* (Ibn Majah 4019)

As Muslims we need to understand that sins are also a cause of sicknesses even if the secular qualified health Practitioners do not acknowledge sins as a cause of sicknesses and they misdiagnose it as something else (contagion, etc). Those Muslim health Practitioners who completely ignore/deny the concept of sins as a cause of diseases in Islam clearly hold deviant beliefs and are not practicing medicine according to Islamic standards.

*Please circulate to any parents and Islamic teachers you know*


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