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Why Are Muslims Portrayed as Violent and Horrible?


*Understand Islam *

*Why is Islam Portrayed as Violent and Horrible? Who is Behind this Propaganda?*

‘Islam – Extremism – Terrorism’ – it has been a very long time since this dialogue began. The bedrock of issues will be understood shortly by checking who’re the beneficiaries of all these.

‘Terror Islam’ is a newly created phrase of Western malice. The driving power behind that is imperialism/colonialism. By this propaganda, they intend to painting Islam as a faith of terror and to banish it from the minds of the individuals. This is intensified by the atrocities dedicated by some within the title of Islam and Muslims. But on this foundation, if somebody painting Islam as violent, it’s simply due to their ignorance about Islam.

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Terrorism is, in actual fact, by no means appropriate with Islam. The Islamic system doesn’t enable anybody the extent of aggression as we see in the present day. Such acts of terrorism are the by-products of some particular circumstances and the results of the change within the methods of particularly fascist governments. Only fact is that it makes use of the title of the complete Muslim group for its growth and distribution.

Some individuals kill harmless individuals within the title of the Qur’an or the Prophet Muhammad. However, not solely does the Qur’an by no means encourage terrorism, it additionally strictly forbids such acts (Qur’an 5:32).

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In the trendy period, as the Muslim group has gone via a long time of historical past, oil has been found in Muslim nations. That oil fell into the eyes of the imperialist powers. Imperialism wanted oil. Thus, the United States and Britain turned their consideration to Muslim nations with a view to safe materials advantages.

Now we’re getting the proof that the world’s greatest powers themselves had been behind 9/11. Despite UN inspectors who inspected Iraq declared that Iraq doesn’t have the nuclear weapons as propagated; although it was identified that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden; and there was no proof for the involvement of Iraq in 9/11…, George W. Bush invaded Iraq on the title of 9/11 to grab management and weaken the ability of Muslim nations.

Similarly, they’ve realized that Islam is a barrier to most of the pursuits of colonialism, such as usury, alcohol, and adultery. Therefore, the decline of Islam grew to become an pressing want for these forces. The easiest method for them to try this is to painting Islam as horrible. It is simply that they’ve brainwashed and employed a few of the Muslims to fulfill their targets.

The view of Islam on warfare and terrorism shouldn’t be understood from the incorrect individuals or enemies of Islam. Anyone who does something that isn’t in accordance with Islamic regulation and custom is solely chargeable for it. Otherwise, solely the group that took over its paternity will likely be accountable.

Finding a terrorist hiding or encroaching in a spiritual establishment anyplace on the planet and declaring that every one spiritual establishments are the middle of terrorism is a form of ideological chapter. Since the terrorist is a human being, how can we are saying that every one human beings are terrorists? When an individual quotes a verse from the Qur’an about his wrongdoing, it doesn’t imply that the Qur’an helps that wrongdoing. Instead of that, we should always attempt to perceive its which means and actuality.

There are nonetheless tens of millions of true believers on the planet in the present day who’ve lived from time immemorial to protect the exterior and inner great thing about the Holy Qur’an. Having understood the which means of those holy verses, we have to suppose that why these tens of millions don’t manage riots unnecessarily.

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