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Greedy Teenager Died After a Failed Night Ritual

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“Your Poverty Will be Over.

A Ghost Will Be Bringing You N5 Million Naira Every Night”- Alfa Assured Greedy Teenager Who Later Died After a Failed Night Ritual

A suspected web fraudster died shortly after he underwent cash rituals within the Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, the Nation has reported.

Peter Albert’s demise was a tragic flip of destiny. The 20-year-old suspected web fraudster had longed for the nice issues of life however lacked the means to accumulate them.

To obtain his needs, he sought the counsel of one in every of his mates, an 18-year-old merely recognized as David, who launched him to a Muslim cleric, Alfa Araokanmi, for a money-making ritual that ultimately terminated his life as an alternative of reworking him into an in a single day millionaire as assured by Araokanmi.

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According to insiders, Albert, who lived along with his father within the Asore space of Atan, and his pal, David, who lives along with his dad and mom at Iju, each within the Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State have been mates for a very long time and attend the identical church.

Exasperated by his unsuccessful rounds in web scams, Albert reportedly requested David to assist him develop into profitable at web scams. He craved success as a Yahoo Boy.

In response, David allegedly attributed Albert’s poor outing in cybercrime to some non secular issues, and he promised to hyperlink him along with his spiritualist, Araokanmi, to whom he attributed his success as a cyber fraudster. David defined to Albert that there was extra to his success than meets the attention and that Alfa Araokanmi was behind his fortune in an web rip-off.

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Thus David launched Albert to Araokanmi aka Alfa Wa within the Iju space of Ado-Odo/Ota LGA. “David linked the boy (Peter Albert) to one Alfa Araokanmi, who promised to do some propitiation that would make the boy become a successful internet fraudster.

“They actually started chatting on Whatsapp until the boy later visited Alfa Araokanmi for some money rituals leading to his untimely death,” the supply stated.

Expatiating additional, the supply stated that Araokanmi advised the deceased that he would ingest concoctions and bathtub at midnight for some days after which he ought to anticipate a ghost that will give him a sum of N5 million on daily basis.

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Albert subsequently began preserving late nights to evolve to the necessities of the rituals a lot to the chagrin of his father who reported him to the native vigilante group locally.

The cash ritual, nonetheless, went awry when he returned house about three weeks in the past panting and feeling weak. Before his demise moments later, Albert reportedly defined all that transpired between him and Araokanmi to his father and even urged him to test his cell phone for the exchanges between him and the cleric on Whatsapp.

A resident who spoke in confidence stated: “Peter’s father had complained to the local vigilante men guarding the Iyanu Oluwa Street in Atan that his son had been returning home at odd hours and that he was uncomfortable with his nocturnal movement on a daily basis. He warned the vigilante operatives to prevent his son from returning home late at night and even threatened to stop paying his part of the monthly security levy, by which the residents’ association settles the salaries of the security men.

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“Unfortunately, Albert returned home again, as usual, at an odd hour on a fateful day; when his father reluctantly opened the door for him, he was shivering and staggering. He, however, managed to explain to his father that David took him to one Alfa Araokanmi for money rituals that would enable him to receive a sum of N5 million from a ghost after he was given a concoction to eat and bathed with a specially prepared spiritual soap.

“He told his father that he had proof of his Whatsapp conversations with the said Alfa on his phone and urged him to check his phone after giving him the code to unlock it. The boy died immediately after he confessed to his father about his misadventure. It’s possible that he was lured to the marabout and used for money rituals by those who introduced him to the spiritualist.”

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The deceased’s Whatsapp conversations with Alfa Araokanmi

In a Whatsapp dialog between the Muslim cleric and Albert, the cleric assured Albert that he would develop into wealthy on the finish of the cash rituals, noting that he had achieved comparable rituals for his pal, David.

The chat learn: “Peter: Good morning sir. (I am) from David.

‘Alfa wa: ”Morning. He(David) already advised me. Ur identify?

Peter: ”Peter. I want your assist, sir.

Alfa wa: On?

Albert: “(I) have been playing game (cyber scam) for a long time and have not collect(ed) any money. I have even called David to take me to your place since; he did not answer.

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Alfa wa: “He (David) told me that also. I just don’t welcome anyhow person. He hve (sic) been telling me dis since but I do ignore him.

Peter: “Pls sir, anyhow you can help me, sir.

Alfa wa: “But when he (David) later told me that u haven’t cashout (make money), it somehow hurts me. And he (also) told me dat ur mum is late.

Peter: “Yes sir.

Alfa wa: “Everything will soon be better.

Peter: “Sir, me too want to cash out (make mega money).

Alfa wa: “Calm down. All dat we (sic) soon become a history. Just follow my instructions and be loyal to me. Lobatan. That’s all what you need.

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Peter: “Ok sir. (I) have even go (ne) to many places, they just collect(ed) money from me.

Alfa wa: “He (David) told me too. If you don’t buy fake you can’t identify the original.

Peter: “Ok sir. Like how much should I find now?. I want the one that will pick fast.

Alfa wa: “How much can you afford peacefully, that won’t affect ur financial (sic)? Can you afford like 200k (N200,000)? Confirm. Between a weak if you don’t see like N5m there is a guarantee to return your money back (sic).

I suppose to meet you one-on-one but I am not around now. I am on travel (sic).


Peter: “Sir, for now, I don’t have much with me but the amount I can find fr now is 5k(N5000). We should start from small level, even for now am feeding myself. Sir, anyhow you can help me.

Alfa Wa: “5k?Hmmmmm.

Peter: “Can’t the N5k work?

Alfa wa: “Just that it can’t pick as you want.

Peter: “I want the one that will pick fast

Alfa wa: “Pick fast? Well sha, no p (problems) David too, that’s how he started.

Peter: “Sir, I will start from small.

Alfa wa: “Issorit (is alright). Obe todun owo lopa (good soup is usually expensive). Even if I do 1k (N1000) level for you it will pick, believe me. U can even ask out about it.

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Peter: “You that start with 5k, no one will tell u to do 50k till 500k (N500,000). Hope you have a good instrument (computer) sha?

Peter: “Yes sir.

Alfa wa: “Try as much as possible to add 2k (N2,000) to it and send it to 2199911406 UBA bank.

Peter: “Sir, that’s what I have for now.

Alfa wa: Okay.

Peter: “Sir, can I send N3k now. I will send 2k tomorrow.

Alfa wa: “Ok.”

The chats additionally revealed how the stated cleric grew to become indignant when Albert didn’t flip up at his place as they earlier agreed. The deceased, nonetheless, apologized.

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Alfa wa: “I didn’t see you again. Why are you doing this?

Peter: “I am not around, that’s why. I will come on Thursday.

Alfa wa: “I am also not around.

Peter: “Haa, so when will you come back, sir.

Alfa wa: “Till weekend. But I don’t like disappointment. I always work with time. I am time conscious.

Albert later collected a spiritual soap from Araokanmi which he claimed did little or nothing to improve his fortune.

The cleric, however, assured him of the efficacy of the money rituals to be carried out in the evening of the day he passed on shortly after the rituals were performed.

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Peter: “Sir, I am at Ayobo now. But I am coming today evening.

Alfa wa: “Evening like what time?

Peter: “Around 6 pm.

Alfa wa: “Okay. It (the rituals) can still be done.

Peter: “Ok sir.

The matter was reported to the Atan Police Division by Albert’s father. Contacted, the spokesman of Ogun Police Command, Abimbola Oyeyemi, promised to revert to our correspondent. But he did not do so at press time.

A police source, however, said , “It’s true that the boy, Albert consulted the Alfa for rituals that would enable him to make fast money via internet scam but it ended in tragedy. He was said to have been given some concoctions and asked to bathe at midnight with the hope that a ghost would bring him a sum of N5 million every day.

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“Things however turned tragic after he underwent the rituals and he suddenly became ill when he got home in the wee hours and died moments later.”


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