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Make Prayers During Comfort and Difficulty

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Make Du’a During Ease and Hardship

Prophet Adam made du’a when he made the mistake of disobeying Allah

Prophet Nuh made du’a when his people rejected him and were going to harm him

Prophet Ibrahim made du’a when he was thrown into the fire by his own people

Prophet Ya’qub made du’a when he was overwhelmed by grief that turned him blind

Prophet Yusuf made du’a when he faced a great fitnah

Prophet Yunus made du’a from the darkness of the belly of the whale

Prophet Musa made du’a when he leaned under a shade, having escaped from Egypt with absolutely nothing

And Rasulullah salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam made du’a, praying on his two swollen feet at night, out of nothing but shukr to Allah despite all that came his way

🌹Peace and blessings upon them all🌹

We depend on Allah during our hard times

We depend on Allah even on good times

There is not a moment where we do not need Allah in our lives. So call upon Allah with hope and tawakkul that He will bring about khayr

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