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Abdul Muttalib – Muhammad's Grandfather

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Abdul Muttalib was born in 497 CE. He was the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was raised by his uncle Muttalib . He was given the name “”Shaybah”” meaning ‘the ancient one’ or ‘white-haired’ for the streak of white through his jet-black hair, and is sometimes also called Shaybat al-Ḥamd (“”The white streak of praise””).

Abdul Muttalib was raised in Yathrib with his mother Salma. Later on Muttalib (his uncle) wanted to see Abdul Muttalib and asked his mother for entrusting him in his care. Salma was unwilling to let her son go. Muttalib then said that there will be many more opportunities in Yathruib for him as compared to Makkah. After listening to his arguments, she allowed her son to go. When Muttalib reached Makkah, this child was given the name “Abdul Muttalib”, which means (slave of Muttalib).

Abdul Muttalib died in 578, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was eight years old. His grave can be found in Jannatul Mualla cemetery in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

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