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Abu Bakr – Prophet Muhammad’s Friend

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Abu Bakr was born in 573 CE in the tribe of Quraish. He is the first Caliph of Muslims, the earliest companion and father in Law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He started as a merchant when he was young and gained a lot of wealth. When he got to know about the declaration of Prophethood by Muhammad (PBUH), he immediately accepted Islam and became the first person in the family to accept Islam. He stood besides Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through thick and thin and also gave his daughter Ayesha (R.A)’s hand to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was a very generous man and would give all his wealth in the way of Islam. During his reign, the Muslim empire expanded and laid foundation for the biggest empire the history would witness.

Abu Bakar died in 634 CE and is lies at rest besides the Prophet (PBUH).

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