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Abu Bakr – the Second of the Two

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In 622 C.E. at the invitation of the people of Yathrib, it was decided by the Holy Prophet that the Muslims should migrate from Makkah to Yathrib. In the name of religion the Muslims were to leave their homes and hearths, and begin a new life in another city. The Muslims were to leave for Yathrib in batches.

Abu Bakr’s preparations.

Abu Bakr sought permission to migrate to Yathrib, but the Holy Prophet bade him wait, for it was possible that he might have a companion. Abu Bakr took this hint to imply that he was to accompany the Holy Prophet. Had at Abu Bakr felt happy and honored at the prospect of being a companion of the Holy Prophet on the journey to Yathrib. He bought two camels, and made other preparations for the journey.

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The call to migrate.

The Quraish of Makkah made a plot to murder the Holy Prophet. Allah frustrated their design. One hot afternoon, the Holy Prophet called at the house of Abu Bakr, and gave him the tidings that the time for their migration had arrived. 

Allahhad given the order: Make war on the persecutors Till persecution is no more, And religion is for Allah only. At night in the cover of darkness, the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr left Makkah, but they did not take the road to Yathrib. They moved in the opposite direction, and took refuge in a cave in Mount Thaur some five miles south of Makkah.

In the cave of Mt. Thaur.

When the Quraish came to know that the Holy Prophet had left Makkah they were much disturbed. They offered a reward of a hundred she camels to any one who found the Holy Prophet, and brought him back to Makkah. During the day, Abdullah the son of Abu Bakr would listen to the plans and talks of the Quraish, and at night he would carry the news to the fugitives in the cave. 

Asmathe daughter of Abu Bakr brought them meals every day. Aamir a servant of Abu Bakr would bring a flock of goats to the mouth of the cave every night where they were milked.

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Second of the two.

The Quraish sent search parties in all directions. One party came dangerously close to the entrance to the cave. Abu Bakr had a feeling of great uneasiness at the impending dancer The Holy Prophet consoled him, and said “Fear not, for Allah is with us. ” And verily Allah was with them. Miraculously a spider wove its nest at the entrance to the cave, and seeing the nest the search party turned away after it had reached the very mouth of the cave. This event is referred to in the Holy Quran in the following terms: “He being the second of the two When they were in the cave, And when Muhammad said to his companion, ‘Grieve not, surely God is with us’. Then God came to their help. And protected them with an army Which they saw not.” {9:40}

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Journey to Yath’rib.

The Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr remained in the cave for three days and three nights. By this time the Quraish gave up the search in despair, and the Holy Prophet and Abu Bakr decided to proceed to Yathrib.

The servant of Abu Bakr brought two camels for them to ride upon for the journey. Asma the daughter of Abu Bakr brought a bag of provisions. She had forgotten to bring a string to tie the bag. She tore her girdle and tied the bag with it. For this ingenuity, the Holy Prophet conferred on her the title ‘She of the Girdle.” The party consisting of the Holy Prophet, Abu Bakr, a servant of Abu Bakr, and a guide set of by a circuitous route to Yathrib by way of Tihama on the coast of the Red Sea.

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Account of Asma.

Asma has related that when the Holy Prophet and her father left for Yathrib and she returned to Makkah, a party of the Quraish headed by Abu Jahl called at their house and made inquiries regarding the whereabouts of Abu Bakr. 

WhenAsma told them that she was unaware of the whereabouts of her father, Abu Jahl slapped her so violently on the face that her earring flew off. She has also related that Abu Bakr took all the available money with him. Abu Qabafa the father of Abu Bakr who had lost his eye sight said that Abu Bakr had not done well in taking with him all the money, and not leaving anything for the family. Asma took some pebbles, and put them in a niche where Abu Bakr used to keep money. She covered the pebbles with a piece of cloth, and leading her grandfather to the niche said, “Put your hand on the money, grandfather.” Abu Qahafa did so, and felt satisfied that Abu Bakr had left ample money for the family.

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