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Ali bin Abu Talib

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Ali bin Abu Talib was born in the tribe of Quraish in 598 CE. He was the first cousin of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his son in law as well. He was the fourth Caliph of Muslims and one of the most renowned personalities of Islam.

Ali was the first youngster to accept Islam after the invitation of Prophet (PBUH). He received many titles from Prophet (PBUH), which include, Asadullah (the lion of Allah) given to him after showing bravery in battle of Khyber. Dhulfiqar (sword) was given to him at the battle of Uhad and Bab-ul-Ilm (the gate of knowledge) was given to him due to his intellect and knowledge. He was also the son in law of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), His daughter Hazrat Fatima (R.A) was married to him. He took the charge of Caliphate after Uthman’s assassination. Muslims all across the world revere him due to his knowledge, love for Prophet (PBUH) and the initiation of Sufisim from him.

Ali was martyred by Khariji rebels while he was saying his Fajar prayers. He died of the wounds in 661 CE.

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