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Appearance of Prophet Muhammad

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The appearance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cannot be put into words as His beauty was exemplary. Most of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have reported that they had never seen someone like Him. He had a pleasant personality and whoever looked at Him was in awe of His beauty. His presence was so strong felt that many people embraced Islam just by looking at Him.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was of average height that is not too tall or not too short. He had a rosy complexion which was not too white or not too dark. He had beautiful big eyes which were black in color. He was shy and often kept His gaze low. His hair have been described as thick, black, slightly wavy and of short length stopping at His earlobes. His face was round and glowing like sun or moon. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was amused, He would only smile to the extent that the gap between His front teeth would become visible. His sweat smelled better than musk.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a strong physique. He had a long neck. His shoulders were broad and the seal of Prophethood was prominent. He had a flat belly. There was a thin line of hair which started from His chest and ended above His navel. He was lean and muscular with large joints, hands and feet. When He walked, He was bent forward as if walking downhill. He took big steps without dragging feet and had a brisk walk. When He turned, He turned around with His full body.

It is said that when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died, at that time he had no more than twenty white hair.

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