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Battle of Hudaibiya


During 628 AD, Muhammad (PBUH) with 1400 Muslims attempted to make a pilgrimage to the Kaa’ba. When they arrived near Makkah, Makkan troops opposed and forbade him to proceed to Makkah. However, the Makkans entered into negotiations with him. About ten miles outside of Makkah, Muhammad (PBUH) and Suhayl ibn Amr from Makkans concluded a treaty known as the Treaty of Hudaybiyya. Due to this treaty, Makkans, and others were able to move more freely around Arabia and communicate more easily with each other.

The general terms included:

1. Anyone coming from the Quraysh to the Prophet (PBUH) without the
2. Permission of chief should be given to the idolaters.
3. Any Muslim going over to the Makkah should not surrender.
4. Any tribe desirous of entering into alliance, either with the Quraysh or with the Muslims, should be at liberty to do so without disputes.
5. The Muslims should go back to Madina on the present occasion and stop advancing further; they should be permitted in the following year to visit Makkah and remain there for three days with the arms they used during journeys.

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