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Challenges in the Mission of Prophet Muhammad

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The Quraysh imposed hurdles against the Prophet and his follower in all forms; social, economic, political, and so on. Not a single citizen of Makkah was allowed to trade with them, marry, or even befriend or socialize with them, not even help them. Neither was a peace settlement accepted, nor were the Muslims to be shown any mercy until they hand over the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to the Quraysh.

Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was praying, one of the idolaters approached and violently tried to strangle him. The Quraysh encouraged the foolish ones to throw dirt on the Prophet’s face and ran away. They used to throw filth, blood, and thorns at his door. Ommayah ibn Khalaf used to insult the Prophet (PBUH) until His face became red but still the Prophet would not say anything to him.

The Quraysh tried to bribe Muhammad (PBUH) to give up Islam in exchange for gifts of wealth or anything He (PBUH) would like. But our Prophet (PBUH) did not accept their bribe. The Quraysh decided to torture and persecute even more.

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Bilal (RA), the slave of Umayya-bin-Khalaf, was laid flat on his back on hot sand. A hot heavy stone was placed on his chest and he was beaten while his hands were tied behind his back.

Usman (RA), a rich and prosperous man of the Banu Umayya tribe was tied up with ropes by his uncle and beaten and tortured.

Ammar (RA), his father Yaasir (RA) and his mother Sumayyah (RA) had embraced Islam. Abu Jahl killed Sumayya (RA) with a sharp spear.

Abu Jahl also beat slave lady Zaeerah (RA) in such a way that she became totally blind.

Some helpless Muslims like Khabbab-bin-Aratt (RA) were pushed into a fire.

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