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Halah Bint Wahhab

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Halah Bint Wahhab was the wife of Abdul Muttalib Ibn Hashim and was the mother of Safiyyah and Hamza. She got married to Abdul Muttalib. This marriage took place at the same day as the marriage of Aminah Bint Wahhab Ibn Abd Manaf Ibn Zuhra with Abdullah Ibn Muttalib. She got married to Abdullah Ibn Abdul Muttalib and was the mother of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Because of this reason, there became a relation of Hamza with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in many ways. He was the Prophet’s first cousin from his mother’s side. Both Hamza and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were related in another way that they both were brother-in-laws.

Prophet Muhammad's Wife - Umm Habiba Ramla bint Abi Sufyan

Death : Not known!

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