Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib

Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib was born in 568 AD. He was the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The age of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib were same and they were brought up together.

Hamza was the younger brother of Abdullah Ibn Abdul Muttalib (father of Muhammad (PBUH). Both Hamza and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grew together; as there was only 2-3 years age difference between them. Hamza was famous for his arts of wrestling and swordsmanship. He used all of his talents and experience in the best interest of Islam. Because of the hostility of Amr Ibn Hisham against the religion Islam, Hamza converted to Islam.

Abu Bakr's companionship with the Prophet - Muhammad Rajih Jad'an

Hamza died while fighting a Battle of Uhud on 19th March 625. He was killed by a slave of Abyssinia named Wahshy Ibn Harb.

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