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Hassan Ibn Ali was the grandson of Prophet (PBUH) and the son of Hazrat Ali (R.A) and Hazrat Fatima (R.A). He was born in 625 CE and is one of the important figures of Islam. He is one of the Ahl-e- Bayt.

He was born in 3 AH and his name was revealed to Prophet (PBUH) through Gabriel. Moreover, Prophet (PBUH) himself gave adhan in his ear after his birth. Prophet (PBUH) loved him greatly. He played a great role during the reign of his father Ali and in his own reign as well. In his father reign he was a leader, a warrior, and a diplomat, whereas in his own reign he was a true leader, a devoted Muslim and a kind hearted and peace loving person.

He died in 669 after being poisoned and was laid to rest in Jannat-al Baqee.

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